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Against Child Trafficking is an international non profit organisation, registered in the Netherlands. ACT’s main focus is the prevention of child trafficking for intercountry adoption. ACT advocates child rights based social policies that are in compliance with the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, which is the universal standard and the best safeguard against child trafficking.

ACT is monitoring intercountry adoption practices worldwide and conducts research on child rights issues, particularly those that effect children deprived of parental care and trafficked children.

ACT serves as Documentation & Research Center.

Our collected data serve local, regional and international child rights/human rights NGOs and networks, as well as individual child rights advocates and lawyers who deal with child trafficking issues, and of course the media.

ACT alerts international organisations and national governments to concrete cases of child trafficking for intercountry adoption.

Last but not least: ACT assists victims of child trafficking – parents and children.

Some of our work:

4 June 2015 Arun Dohle blows the whistle in the European Parliament about Roelie Post/Against Child Trafficking

17 February 2014 13-year-old puts a bomb under the adoption system

The below compilation shows some of the Indian parents we work for:

Mercy Mercy Q&A Ritzy London 2013

September 2009: Search a Child, Pay Cash – The Adoption Lobby

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