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Thrush, candida & yeast infection: XtraLac

Looking for a Candida Remedy that's Natural, Safe & Effective? Discover the Japanese Breakthrough that's Helping Thousands!

  • Worldwide word-of-mouth success!
  • Improves on Japanese market leader
  • With a 60 day money-back guarantee
  • NEW: now includes a 5 strain general Probiotic at no extra cost!
One-off price: $34.95
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XtraLac Candida defense
Contains: 60 Vegecaps
Suitable for vegetarians and vegans Suitable for vegetarians & vegans

What can XtraLac do for my Candida problem?

A new approach to Candidiasis

Intestinal Candida overgrowth is a miserable condition, and for many people drug based treatments such as Nystatin are unappealing or ineffective.

Candida yeast

But now there's an effective natural alternative, based on an exciting discovery by Japanese scientists working in the field of Probiotics.

Tens of thousands have experienced relief from persistent symptoms, and this innovative solution often works where others have failed. Many practitioners recommend this Probiotic approach as your most effective natural option.

How long does XtraLac take to work?

Most of our customers report significant relief within 5-14 days, and full recovery within 2-3 months.

But please understand that severe or persistent problems can take longer to respond: it's very individual.

In general, a box of XtraLac will last a month, though in severe cases you may need a higher dose.

If you suffer from frequent re-infections, a preventative dose of one capsule a day (half a box per month) can help prevent your Candida problem from returning.

Will XtraLac work on its own?

In most cases, yes - provided you stick to a sensible diet and ensure sufficient sleep and exercise.

For best results we advise combining XtraLac with a good digestive enzyme.

In the toughest cases, XtraLac may only be a part of the solution: please consult your practitioner.

How does XtraLac work to help control yeast infections?

XtraLac is a specialised Probiotic

Some years back, Japanese scientists discovered that 3 little-known strains of Probiotic, when used in combination, were highly effective against intestinal Candida overgrowth.

Why am I suffering from Candida overgrowth?

Mycelial Candida fungus

Candida is a parasitical yeast found in your digestive system. It has no beneficial role, and is normally kept in check by your body's immune defences.

However, if your immune system is compromised by stress, hormonal changes (puberty, pregnancy, menopause), poor diet, the contraceptive pill or certain medical treatments, Candida can overwhelm your defences and multiply very rapidly. In bad cases, the yeast can change to a more dangerous mycelial (branching) form that can literally take root in your gut wall.

How does Candida overgrowth cause my symptoms?

It is thought that Candida overgrowth can:

  • Compete with your body for important nutrients
  • Compromise your digestive system with toxic by-products
  • Damage your gut wall, allowing toxins to leak into your bloodstream.

How does XtraLac help eliminate yeast overgrowth?

To the best of our current knowledge, XtraLac:

  • Attacks your Candida directly: the strains in XtraLac seem to be somewhat aggressive towards the Candida organism
  • Helps starve your Candida: the XtraLac bacteria help eliminate undigested sugar from the intestinal tract by turning it into lactic acid, depriving Candida of its food source
  • Creates conditions unfavorable to your Candida: the XtraLac Probiotics help create levels of oxygenation and acid balance which inhibit the overgrowth of Candida and support the growth of healthy bowel flora.

What is the evidence that XtraLac can help?

To be frank, we would like to see more research into the Probiotic approach to Candidiasis, but the experience of users and practitioners is compelling.

The Japanese discovery was originally marketed as ThreeLac®, which quickly became a worldwide word-of-mouth phenomenon as happy users recommended it to family and friends. ThreeLac has helped hundreds of thousands of sufferers, and as we have said, in the view of many practitioners it is the number one choice for anyone seeking a safe and natural solution.

But ThreeLac is expensive, and the field of Probiotics is developing fast.

So we at Uviva teamed up with internationally recognized Probiotic experts to launch XtraLac, the first ThreeLac alternative, offering:

  • A more affordable price
  • A similar but more modern formulation.

And XtraLac now includes a broad-spectrum general Priobiotic while still costing less than ThreeLac!.

Hundreds of our customers report that they find XtraLac at least as effective as ThreeLac, at a much lower price.

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Why choose XtraLac over ThreeLac and the other alternatives?

Formulated by experts to improve on the market leader

XtraLac is based on the Japanese discoveries, but our experts recommended a number of ways we could improve on the traditional ThreeLac formulation:

(1) Improved Prebiotic means XtraLac populates the whole intestine

This is the most important improvement.

The intestinal tract

A Prebiotic acts as a food supply to intestinal bacteria. Older Prebiotics work well for the upper intestine, but run out of steam before reaching the lower intestine. So your infection may persist lower down the digestive tract and eventually cause a recurrence of your symptoms.

Drawing on the latest university-based research, XtraLac employs a state-of-the-art, yeast-free Prebiotic which helps ensure the Probiotics in XtraLac populate the whole length of the intestine.

For the technically minded, our experts call it: "A unique multi-source Prebiotic combining the benefits of FOS (Fructooligsaccharide) and a complex Arabinogalactan polysaccharide".

The two components are not just blended but are manufactured together using a sophisticated process that improves their effectiveness.

  • The short chain oligosaccharides from FOS are fermented quite quickly so they work in in the upper regions of the colon.
  • The long chain polysaccharides from the Arabinogalactan are fermented more slowly and work in the lower colon.

So the dual-source Prebiotic works along a greater length of the gastrointestinal tract, helping ensure more complete elimination of unfriendly microflora.

(2) Includes a broad-spectrum general Probiotic to enhance effectiveness

The 3 specialist Probiotic strains in XtraLac work more effectively when supported by a general Probiotic to help re-populate the gut with healthy flora.

We now include a high quality broad-spectrum (5 strain) general Probiotic in XtraLac. This saves you the inconvenience and expense of purchasing a separate general Probiotic.

Yet we still sell XtraLac for less than ThreeLac (which contains no general Probiotic strains) and much less than FiveLac (which contains 2 general Priobiotic strains).

(3) XtraLac uses Ester-C, an improved Vitamin C

Vitamin C is another ingredient that supports the action of the Probiotics. We have included an innovative (and expensive!) form of Vitamin C that is long-acting, easily metabolised and gentle on the digestive system.

(4) You benefit from a carefully researched Grapefruit Seed Extract

Grapefruit Seed Extract is proven to fight Candida while supporting the action of the Probiotics.

Our advisors have researched these extracts extensively and found that some were far purer and more effective than others. We are using the extract that proved most effective in testing.

(5) Advanced Cryo-Protectant coating protects Probiotics from stomach acid

ThreeLac was one of the first products to use micro-encapsulation to ensure most of the Probiotic organisms survived their passage through the stomach acid to reach the intestine.

For years this proprietary coating was ThreeLac's key selling point. But this is another area where research has moved on.

XtraLac uses a leading-edge, research proven Cryo-Protectant coating that gives excellent results. You can be confident that XtraLac will compare well to ThreeLac in its ability to deliver the Probiotic organisms into the intestine, where they begin to do their work.

(6) Capsules outperform powders

ThreeLac is stored in sachets and is taken as a powder. But the evidence suggests that capsules outperform powders in delivering Probiotics to your stomach. This is why we chose to put XtraLac into a vegetarian capsule.

Why is XtraLac more affordable than ThreeLac?

With an innovative health supplement, the main cost isn't the ingredients - it's the marketing.

Here are Uviva, we're a small, lean operation with cost-effective marketing. This is how we can make XtraLac more affordable without compromising in any way on ingredient quality. It's as simple as that!

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XtraLac testimonials

"XtraLac eliminated my symptoms where all other products failed..."

I have tried other treatments (conventional and alternative remedies), but XtraLac eliminated my symptoms where all other products failed. Within one month of using, with the help of a sugar free diet, my symptoms are completely gone. Long-term persistent symptoms of this nature can be so demoralizing and debilitating, now I am free from the pain and discomfort, I am full of enthusiasm for life again. Thank you.

Jayne, UK [See *Disclaimer]

"The best thing I have taken to beat my Candida..."

Hi, this is the best thing I have taken to beat my Candida, so I am very pleased so far. I even started to gain weight since I started this product... I have had Candida very severe and was loosing weight all the time, to the point where I thought my life was going to end.

Mark, UK [See *Disclaimer]

"A speedy recovery from ... bowel discomfort that I had for 8 years"

I have had Xtralac from you before (three packs). I had tried ThreeLac before and just as it said in the advertising blurb, sure enough it was much better than the ThreeLac. I have had a speedy recovery from Bloating and wind, general bowel discomfort that I had for 8 years. The ThreeLac worked but not anywhere as good as Xtralac, plus it costs less. So quite pleased. I just take 1 tablet per day now. Thanks.

Ross, UK [See *Disclaimer]

"In my personal experience Xtralac definitely improves on ThreeLac"

I ran out a few weeks ago, & was a very silly girl & dared to try a cheaper alternative. Needless to say my ME/CFS has got worse again, I feel bloated/constipated whereas Xtralac got rid of that feeling completely.

I was on ThreeLac, before trying Xtralac. I found it to be very good, but in my personal experience Xtralac definitely improves on ThreeLac without a doubt !!! If I was granted 3 wishes, one would be a lifetime supply of Xtralac :o)

Julie, UK [See *Disclaimer]

"I have severe candida. Xtralac is the only thing that saves me."

Xtralac has helped me feel better. At first, I had worse symptoms (die off, maybe?). Then, within 4 days of starting Xtralac, i began to UN-swell. 75% less bloated. Regular bowel movements. general feeling of aliveness that hasn't been with me for over 2 years. I'm not completely healed yet, but I know I'm on my way.

Bless you. Thank you for being an instrument in my healing, too. I have had candida symptoms for over 2 years. It was starting to absolutely ruin my life. After taking Xtralac for 5 days, I felt better than I had in literally years.

I have severe candida. Xtralac is the only thing that saves me. ThreeLac does not work for me at all. Thank you more than you realize...

Cassandra, USA [See *Disclaimer]

"I feel so much better..."

What beats me is how difficult it is to get rid of yeast overgrowth. I thought I had it all under control and stopped taking XtraLac for a month in the spring which only resulted in the symptoms coming back. ... Anyway, after starting on your treatment again in June, I feel so much better. So thanks.

Kaj, UK [See *Disclaimer]

"Since taking XtraLac I have noticed a great improvement."

I have started my third week on XtraLac and am still getting good results. ... The cause of my eczema is not known and the consultant at the skin clinic told me there was nothing I could do but keep using the creams etc. I originally thought I might have a fungal infection when the eczema first started 20 years ago. ... Since taking XtraLac I have noticed a great improvement.

Al, UK [See *Disclaimer]

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How safe is XtraLac?

All the ingredients of XtraLac are regarded as safe by both the US and European authorities.

As with any natural supplement, pregnant and nursing mothers and those under medical care should consult their doctor before using.

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Benefit within 60 days or your money back - GUARANTEED

The Probiotic approach to Candida has proven to be a breakthrough.

ThreeLac pioneered the field and it's a great product. But it does cost a lot to buy.

If you were offered an alternative that's:

  • At least as effective as ThreeLac
  • Much better value
  • Fully guaranteed (see details) ...

... then why wouldn't you want to give it a try?

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Get even better results with our XtraLac Enzyme Kit

See more about XtraLac Enzyme Kit

XtraLac can offer even better results when combined with a powerful digestive enzyme such as our own XtraZyme.

XtraZyme can help Candida sufferers in four main ways:

  1. It will help with your compromised digestion, reducing any bloating and digestive discomfort.
  2. Poorly digested food ferments and helps create an environment that supports Candida infection. More effective digestion produces an environment less favorable to Candida.
  3. Yeast cells have a tough wall which can inhibit the effectiveness of anti-fungal treatments such as XtraLac. XtraZyme contains yeast fighting enzymes that can help break down the Candida cell wall so XtraLac can work more effectively.
  4. The protease enzymes in XtraZyme can help reduce die-off symptoms by breaking down the waste produced by the dead yeast cells.

To make XtraZyme more affordable, we offer it at an attractive discount through our XtraLac Enzyme Kit.

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Ingredients & quality

XtraLac Ingredients

It's an unfortunate truth that not all health products contain the ingredients they claim. We guarantee that you get what you are paying for.

Our UK manufacturer holds the Good Manufacturing Practice License (GMP) granted by the UK Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA). They are also certified as meeting the requirements of the BS/ISO 9001:2000 quality standard.

Every batch is tested and certified by independent microbiological laboratories accredited by UKAS, the UK government's accreditation body.

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XtraLac vs ThreeLac vs FiveLac: how to choose?

Since Uviva announced the launch of XtraLac, Global Health Trax have:

  • Suddenly announced that ThreeLac has 10 x more Probiotic organisms than they had previously thought!
  • Launched a new product, FiveLac, a more expensive version of ThreeLac.

Please read on as we attempt to guide you through this confusion...

Is ThreeLac stronger than XtraLac? And should I care?

So what about this claim that ThreeLac has 10 x more organisms than previously thought?

While we leave you to ponder the strangeness of this announcement, this is what our experts tell us:

  • The key is to get enough Probiotic organisms safely through the stomach to establish a viable colony.
  • In the early stages a viable colony will double its numbers every 20 minutes, provided it has the right Prebiotic food. This means that after just five or six hours the colony will have multiplied by many thousands of times.
  • This phenomenal growth rate means that provided you deliver enough organisms to establish the colony, any extra is pretty much irrelevant and has more to do with marketing than with science.

Our experts formulated XtraLac to offer an optimal dosage. It's strong enough to establish a viable colony without being so strong it becomes wasteful.

What about this new product, FiveLac?

Sold at a premium price, FiveLac is basically ThreeLac with the addition of two general Probiotics: Lactobacillus Acidophilus & Bifidobacterium Longum.

Anyone with a yeast problem can benefit from a general Probiotic, which is why we recently added 5 high-quality strains to XtraLac.

So we now offer more strains than FiveLac for less than the cost of ThreeLac.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How is XtraLac different from a normal Probiotic? The three specialist Priobiotic strains in XtraLac have been selected for their effectiveness against the Candida organism. They are not strains that will be found in a general Priobiotic - though we now include a 5-strain general Probiotic in addition to the 3 specialized strains
  • How long will I need to take XtraLac? You should start to notice results in the first month. It would normally take 1-3 months to clear your infection. After that, taking 1 capsule a day (1 packet per 2 months) is a wise precaution if you are susceptible to reinfection.
  • Do I have to go on a special diet? You can eat a normal healthy diet while using XtraLac, without too many exclusions. But you should try to avoid sugar, alcohol and refined carbohydrates. We provide more detailed guidelines with every order.

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