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Sports + Fitness: Moomiyo Pro

Boost Your Strength & Endurance with this Breakthrough Supplement from the Famous Moscow Institute of Physical Education

  • For sports & natural bodybuilding
  • Increase training load by 15-27%
  • Improve overnight recovery
  • A safe & natural anabolic
One-off price: $39.95
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Moomiyo Pro sports supplement
Contains: 180 x 200mg vegecaps
Suitable for vegetarians and vegans Suitable for vegetarians & vegans

What can Moomiyo Pro do for me?

Research at the renowned Moscow Institute for Physical Education discovered that Moomiyo Pro can:

  • Increase training workload (repetitions completed) by 15-27%
  • Dramatically improve overnight recovery on a wide range of measures
  • Act as a natural anabolic to accelerate muscle growth in response to strength training
  • Reduce soreness and inflammation in muscles and joints
  • Increase resistance to the stress and fatigue of competition
  • Reduce the risk of injury and speed recovery if you do get injured.

These benefits apply to anyone in serious training, including power athletes, endurance athletes and bodybuilders looking for a healthy alternative to steroids.

Ultra-marathoner uses Moomiyo to smash his personal best

Mark Brookes - benefits of Moomiyo

Ultra-Marathoner Mark Brookes uses Moomiyo at the checkpoints on an extreme mountain marathon and feels "invigorated, energised and ready to go". He and his running partner found that Moomiyo definitely improved performance and recovery.

Mark also describes how he slashed his personal best for a 61 mile run in the Yorkshire Dales by an amazing 5 hours 10 minutes. He credits Moomiyo for much of this improvement.

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Fitness enthusiast experiences multiple benefits

Andy Parry Moomiyo Testimonial

Experienced fitness enthusiast Andy Parry uses Moomiyo for cardio and strength training and experiences "a lot more energy ... a lot more endurance". He enjoyed faster recovery and "got physically bigger".

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How does Moomiyo work to improve sports performance?

Moomiyo is a dark, bitter-tasting resin exuded from rock in certain mountain areas of Central Asia. The natural processes that create Moomiyo are complex and still somewhat mysterious, but it is primarily concentrated plant sedimentation that has interacted with minerals in the surrounding rocks.

Key nutrients in Mumio include Fulvic acids, Humic acid, humin and hymatomelanic acid. In addition there are more than 50 micro-nutrients including polyphenols, essential oils, amino acids, B-complex vitamins, fatty acids and bioavailable ionic minerals.

The Russians have been researching the properties of Moomiyo for over 90 years. They believe it works in 4 main ways:

1. Adaptogenic

Adaptogens are natural substances that increase the body's resistance to stress and fatigue. Many regard Altai Moomiyo as the most powerful adaptogen known.

During training and competition you experience severe physical and mental stresses. Moomiyo helps your body to cope and re-energise.

As an adaptogen it is thought that Moomiyo chemically bonds with hormones related to stress, helping to minimise the negative effects.

2. Anabolic

Moomiyo supports the natural development of muscle and strength. American and Russian tests show significant improvement in lean muscle mass for strength athletes and natural bodybuilders using Moomiyo.

It seems that Moomiyo protects naturally occurring sex hormones from oxidation, making them more available to promote muscle growth in response to strength training.

3. Anti inflammatory

Moomiyo is an important anti-inflammatory in traditional Asian medicine, and Russian athletes have long valued its ability to reduce muscle and joint soreness.

Recent research by Russian and Korean scientists has shown that fulvic acid fractions from Moomiyo are potent scavengers of superoxide radicals, which would help account for Moomiyo's anti-inflammatory properties.

4. As a general tonic

For thousands of years and in many cultures, Moomiyo has been highly prized as a general tonic and remedy. Modern research indicates that Moomiyo may indeed have a role to play in the healing of many ailments, from knitting broken bones to fighting cancer.

To provide these widespread benefits, Moomiyo must be supporting the body in fundamental ways.

As an example, let's take just one ingredient: Fulvic Acid.

Clearly, effective mineral metabolism is vital for health and many people suffer from deficiencies. Moomiyo supplies a range of bioavailable minerals, and it seems the Humic and Fulvic acids in Moomiyo work together in complex ways to support the uptake of these minerals (and other nutrients) by the cells.

Other reported benefits of Fulvic Acid include:

  • Increasing metabolism of proteins, contributing to DNA and RNA synthesis
  • Restoring electrochemical balance, improving cell functioning
  • Increasing activity of many enzyme systems, supporting a wide range of biochemical processes
  • Supporting immune system function, reducing the risk of infection.

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What's the evidence for Moomiyo Pro?

1. Developed by a world-renowned sports scientist

Claims for sports supplements rarely deliver, so what's different about Moomiyo Pro?

In a word, pedigree. It was developed by Dr. Nikolai Volkov, the "Father of Creatine", at the renowned Moscow Institute of Physical Education.

Author of over 450 research papers, for 30 years Dr Volkov led the secretive Soviet Olympic nutrition research program. His many important discoveries include Creatine loading and Moomiyo supplementation.

Now he is free to share this information Dr Volkov has developed an international reputation, working with teams such as the Kansas City Chiefs (football), the Seattle SuperSonics (basketball) and the Texas Rangers (baseball).

2. Designated as a Soviet State Secret

So if Moomiyo Pro is really so effective, why have so few athletes heard about it?

In the 1960s, Dr Volkov's work with Creatine and Moomiyo was regarded as a strategic asset by the Soviet regime, and designated an official State Secret.

Word of Dr Volkov's research finally began to reach the West in the 1990s.

Creatine is easy to manufacture, and was soon in widespread use.

But Moomiyo Pro is derived from a rare natural resin, and the best quality source for athletic use is controlled by Dr Volkov. So until recently, there has been no reliable supply.

3. Proven results with elite athletes, Cosmonauts and Special Forces

In the former Soviet Republics Moomiyo has, for decades, played an important role in the conditioning of Olympic athletes, Special Forces and Cosmonaut teams. It is also used by many of the world-ranked Russian tennis stars.

4. Rapid acceptance in the USA

As secrecy around Moomiyo was relaxed, Dr Volkov began releasing restricted supplies to a select group of elite coaches in the West who quickly recognised the value of this remarkable substance.

The small circle of pioneer users in the USA include NFL football franchises, NBA basketball franchises, Major League Baseball teams, US Olympic squads, leading natural bodybuilders and Ironman triathletes.

Outside of this small circle, the benefits of Moomiyo remain virtually undiscovered.

Now you too can benefit

After decades of secrecy, supplies of the highest quality Moomiyo are becoming more generally available. Clearly, with the many benefits it can deliver, Moomiyo Pro offers early adopters a significant competitive advantage!

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How safe is Moomiyo Pro?

In contrast to many sports supplements, you can be confident that Moomiyo Pro is safe. It has been widely used for literally thousands of years with no known ill effects.

The extensive use of Moomiyo by Russian athletes has raised no health concerns, and there are no reported contraindications.

As with any natural supplement, pregnant and nursing mothers and those under medical care should consult their doctor before using.

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Why choose Moomiyo Pro over the alternatives?

As a natural substance, Moomiyo varies widely. The buzz around Moomiyo has brought many low-quality impostors into the sports marketplace.

Moomiyo Pro is prepared under the supervision of Dr Volkov himself and is much the most researched and proven Moomiyo for use by athletes.

Gathered exclusively from pristine areas of the Altai Mountains, the final potent and standardised product is the result of over 30 years of development.

And the convenient encapsulated powder in Moomiyo Pro employs a proprietary process to neutralise Moomiyo resin's unfortunate tendency to cause flatulence.

No other Moomiyo can meet this standard. At the attractive price we are offering, why would you risk using anything else?

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Benefit within 60 days or your money back - GUARANTEED!

So to summarize, with Moomiyo Pro:

  • You can train harder
  • And you'll benefit more from your training.
  • You'll get fewer injuries
  • And if you do get injured you'll recover more quickly.

60 Day Guarantee

So why not try this unique and remarkable sports supplement for yourself, risk free!

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The ancient origins of Moomiyo

The healing and energizing properties of Moomiyo have been valued for thousands of years.

Moomiyo was familiar to Aristotle and to the Indian and Chinese sages. To this day it plays a central role in traditional Asian medical systems.

Himalayan Yogis called Moomiyo the "destroyer of weakness". It was said the god Shiva created Moomiyo for a prince who prayed for help in enjoying his wives as he grew older.

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I am subject to anti-doping tests: can I use Moomiyo?

This has to be a personal decision. What we can guarantee is that world-class athletes in many sports have been using this form of Moomiyo for decades with no known problems. But we can't guarantee that Moomiyo Pro will pass all tests for all athletes.

Our Moomiyo is prepared under the supervision of a renowned sports scientist for use by elite performers so contamination is unlikely. And there is no constituent in Moomiyo Pro that is illegal in any sport. But its interactions with the body are complex and only partially understood: there is always the possibility of a rare and unexpected side-effect. So you will have to weigh this potential risk against the benefits.

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How do I take Moomiyo Pro?

During training or competition we recommend a dose of 2-3 capsules (depending on body weight) 30 minutes before exercise, a further dose after exercise, and a final dose a few hours before sleep to speed recovery.

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