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We need your help to make the Parents Assistance Projects (PAP) possible…

ACT supports victims of child trafficking. We retrace family members and help to file criminal complaints.
Usually we do not charge for this.  Most of our clients have very limited funding. Especially the parents of stolen/missing children are mostly poverty stricken and living far away in the countryside. They do not have the means to travel to their country’s main cities to file their cases, let alone to pay a lawyer.

More and more victims of trafficking turn to ACT. We would be glad to take up their cases too.

ACT receives some monthly donations of generous supporters.
However, much more is needed so that we can continue.

If you wish to support the Parent Assistance Project, please indicate ‘PAP’ in the subject line of your donation.

If you wish to support a specific case, please indicate the name of the case in the subject line of your donation.

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Romania for Export Only, by Roelie Post
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Monthly Donations:

ACT thanks Mirah Riben for her generous offer to donate her book to ACT’s donors!

Read about some of the people we are assisting here:

Parents Nagarani and Kathirvel

  Countries: India, The Netherlands Agencies:  Malaysian Social Services, Meiling Nagarani and Kathrivel’s son was kidnapped during the night in Chennai, India. Five years later the kidnappers were arrested and they confessed that her son had been sold to an orphanage Malaysian Social Services Chennai and subsequently was given for adoption to adoptive parents in… Read more »

Adoption ‘Orphanage’ Preet Mandir

Since last 10 years Preet Mandir has been under suspicion of sourcing children from poor families and selling children for intercountry adoptions. Advait Foundation from Mumbai & Sakhee from Pune filed a Criminal Writ Petitions against Preet Mandir in Mumbai High Court and High Court recently ordered CBI to reinvestigate, as a previous investigation had… Read more »

Grandmother Kisabai Lokhande

Grandmother Kisabai Lokhande placed her two grandchildren in for temporary care, education and protection in the Observation Home Satara (boarding school). From there the girls were transferred to the children home Preet Mandir in Pune.  From there the two grandchildren were, without their grandmother’s consent or knowledge, given to adoptive parents in Spain the mediation of… Read more »

Adoptee Jennifer Haynes

Adoptee Jennifer Haynes was placed for temporary care and protection in an orphanage by her mother when she was 5 years old. Without her mother’s consent, in 1989, the Indian Courts orders were obtained by one Trust of a US adoption agency. She was abused by her adoptive father, and the adoption was ended. She also… Read more »

Press Invite New Delhi: Child trafficking and intercountry adoption: Need to unveil the reality

PRESS INVITE Date: 19th February 2013 Venue: Press Club Lawns, 1, Raisina Road, New Delhi-110 001 Time: 3:30 pm Child trafficking and intercountry adoption: Need to unveil the reality See Full Press Invite HERE

Adoptee Anisha Mörtl

Countries: India, Germany Adoption Agencies: St. Theresa’s Tender Loving Care Home Anisha was born in 1992 and was taken by the ‘Tender Loving Care Home’, because her mother Fatima could not pay the hospital bill.   Sister Theresa then had her adopted by a German couple. Fathima did not see her child for the next 28 years…. Read more »

Plight of Missing Children (India)

Date: 2013-02-17 Source: CSt. Correspondent Seeking Justice City based NGO will bring to notice tragic tales about the lives of a large number of missing children at an international conference on adoption from February 19 at Delhi Pune: City-bases NGO Sakhee along with Against Child Trafficking (ACT), Brussels and HAQ-Centre for Child Rights, Delhi… Read more »

Adoptee Arun Dohle

Countries: India, Germany Adoption Agency: Kusumabai Motichand Mahila Seva Gram (KMMSG) Arun Dohle was adopted by a German couple in 1974.  He is searching his mother since 1993. As KMMSG refused access to his adoption file, he has petitioned the Indian courts. Related articles:

Mother Declah

Countries: India, The Netherlands Adoption agencies: Malaysian Social Services, Meiling Declah placed her childen in an orphanage run by the Malaysian Social Service. The adoption agency assured her that it would educate the children and send them to her when they were 18 years old. She gave up four of her children. While two were returned to her, Melissa… Read more »

Adoptive Parents Julia and Barry Rollings

Countries: India, Australia Adoption Agency: Madras Social Service Guild Orphanage (MASOS) In mid-1997 the Indian adoption agency MASOS told the Rollings that a three-year-old boy and his two-year-old sister were put up for adoption five months earlier, in October 1996, as their ‘terminally ill parents’ were unable to take care of them.  Eight years later… Read more »