Indian mum demands return of stolen daughter

Date: 2013-02-21  SEE ALSO VIDEO AT BELOW LINK: Source: 7.30 By South Asia correspondent Michael Edwards Updated 2 hours 58 minutes ago VIDEO: Indian family demands Australian authorities return adopted girl (7.30) RELATED STORY: Baby’s death shines spotlight on human traffickingRELATED STORY: Australian families caught up in India adoption scandal An Indian family is demanding… Read more »

Overseas adoption racket: How children are sneaked out by the hundreds

Source: On Tuesday, child rights activists and families who have lost their children to overseas adoption demanded a stay on inter-country adoption until a child protection mechanism was put in place. Hundreds of children are victims of the overseas adoption racket in India. AFP. by Danish Raza 20 Feb 15:40 pm IST That afternoon is… Read more »

Concern over ‘trafficking’ of children in the name of adoption

Source: 20 February 2013 , By Staff Reporter Demanding that international adoption be stopped from India till comprehensive laws are put in place to prevent ‘trafficking’ of children in the name of adoption, parents of children who were fraudulently or forcefully taken away and put into inter-country adoption held a meeting in the Capital on… Read more »

‘Ban inter-country adoptions’

Source: Bangalore:  Feb 19, 2013 DHNS Activists urge overhaul of laws in bid to curb child trafficking Child rights activists demanded an overhauling of adoption laws and a ban on inter country adoptions citing instances of child trafficking. Around 10 parents from various states came to talk about their experiences of child trafficking related to… Read more »

‘Children without family care be brought into adoption system’

Date: 2013-02-19 Source: News’Children without family care be brought into adoption system’ Women and Child Development Minister Krishna Tirath PTI Centre today asked the states to take steps to ensure that all children bereft of family care are brought into the adoption system.“On the one hand more and more couples in India are now coming… Read more »

India’s Orphans FOR EXPORT ONLY?

India’s Orphans FOR EXPORT ONLY? by Anant Asthana Business of selling children in the garb of “Adoption” goes on and it is hard to dismantle this adoption-mafia which has come up in India. Author is a lawyer in Supreme Court of India. This column is narration of his experiences and views while he is now looking into… Read more »

Indian family in fight to repatriate stolen daughter

Source: Date February 19,  2013 Fatima (left) and Salya attend the High Court in India in 2010. AN INDIAN mother, whose child was kidnapped and illegally adopted to  Australia, has accused the country’s officials and the girl’s adoptive parents  of blocking the now teenager from having contact with her and of making no  effort… Read more »

Plight of Missing Children (India)

Date: 2013-02-17 Source: CSt. Correspondent Seeking Justice City based NGO will bring to notice tragic tales about the lives of a large number of missing children at an international conference on adoption from February 19 at Delhi Pune: City-bases NGO Sakhee along with Against Child Trafficking (ACT), Brussels and HAQ-Centre for Child Rights, Delhi… Read more »