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Duped by Indian adoption agency, US family cautions couples

Source: 23 May, 2010, 11.54AM IST,IANS  That was 12 years ago. The Smolins now operate a website, in which they have catalogued international adoption injustices and offer advice to adopting parents, based on their own experience. The Smolins, who have five sons, adopted nine-year-old Bhagya and 11-year-old Manjula from Action for Social Development (ASD),… Read more »

Adoption victim meets her mother after 9 years

Date: 2005-12-25 Source: Dec. 25: A 17-year-old girl who was fraudulently given away in adoption when she was eight met her mother after nearly nine years. The meeting was initiated by her adoptive parents, Americans from Alabama in the United States.