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Kidnapping for adoption proven: guilty as charged

In 2007 Arun Dohle brought out the news that an Indian couple was looking for their kidnapped son. He had traced them after having read about it in the Indian news. For 12 years Arun Dohle and Roelie Post (ACT) supported the couple in their desperate search for a sign of life of their son…. Read more »

Parents Nagarani and Kathirvel

  Countries: India, The Netherlands Agencies:  Malaysian Social Services, Meiling Nagarani and Kathrivel’s son was kidnapped during the night in Chennai, India. Five years later the kidnappers were arrested and they confessed that her son had been sold to an orphanage Malaysian Social Services Chennai and subsequently was given for adoption to adoptive parents in… Read more »

Betty is happy to have cancelled her adoption

Source: DENMARK APRIL 7. 2016 KL. 22:52 In a case reminiscent of Amy, was Ethiopian Betty adopted to Holland and the wreckage of his adoptive family. Today she ‘peace of mind’ after the adoption was revoked and she can again be with his Ethiopian family. REUNITED. Betty Demoze and her Ethiopian mother seen here just… Read more »

Fatima and Salya

Countries: India, Australia Adoption Agencies: Malaysian Social Service (India), Queensland State Authority Fatima (left) and Salya attend the High Court in India in 2010. Fatima and Salya are the parents of four children.  In 1998,  one of them, then two-year-old was sold to a corrupt adoption agency that  forged  records to make it appear she… Read more »

Evidence of trafficking of Indian children for illegal adoption emerges

Source: January 25, 2014 Rory Callinan Investigative journalist Legal adoption advocate: Deborra-Lee Furness. Photo: Janie Barrett  Fresh evidence of Indian children being trafficked for adoption in Australia has emerged as the Abbott government flagged a boost in inter-country adoptions. An organisation representing Indian parents of trafficked children says three new cases have been identified in… Read more »

Adoption ‘Orphanage’ Preet Mandir

Since last 10 years Preet Mandir has been under suspicion of sourcing children from poor families and selling children for intercountry adoptions. Advait Foundation from Mumbai & Sakhee from Pune filed a Criminal Writ Petitions against Preet Mandir in Mumbai High Court and High Court recently ordered CBI to reinvestigate, as a previous investigation had… Read more »

Adoption agency to close down, 25 kids to be shifted

Source: Nisha Nambiar : Pune, Tue Nov 19 2013 Gujarat snooping case: SC to hear suspended IAS officer Sharma’s plea in Dec Pune-based adoption agency Preet Mandir has decided to close its child care and adoption activities and has written to the Women and Child Welfare Department to transfer the children from its Kalyani Nagar… Read more »