ACT in the News


This page shows various TV news reports, as well as documentaries, in which ACT is featured. Not only are we quoted in all these reports but our investigations often led to the actual reports. ACT works well with investigative TV reporters.

2016: The Traffickers
ACT monitored adoptions from Congo for many years and was able to share its experience with the producers of this new hard-hitting documentary. This investigation was shot in the Congo, USA as well as the Netherlands where they interviewed the founder of ACT.


2014: A bomb under the Danish adoption system

A five minute report on Danish TV about Amy, who had been adopted from Ethiopia on the basis of false declarations.

This is a case on which ACT works since 2013. We provided the information to the TV channel, assisted them.

Betty, Children for Sale, Ethiopia, January 2011

A ten minute TV documentary about the story of Betty, who connected with her parents in Ethiopia, and where she found out that her parents were not in fact dead, as had been stated in her adoption papers. This investigation was based on work carried out by ACT.

2010; German TV gives an insight into the intercountry adoption lobby

This seven minute TV report by Germany’s public TV station gives a rare insight into how the intercountry adoption lobby influence policy at the heart of the European Parliament.

2010: How a Kidnapped Indian child ended up in the Netherlands
A five minute news report on Dutch TV explains the case of Rahul, who was kidnapped in India and sold to a couple in the Netherlands. What’s different in this case is that the Indian family came to the Netherlands to file a police complaint and try to see their child.

2009: “Search a Child, Pay Cash” by German Public TV

A 44 minute investigation into intercountry adoption from Romania, giving a valuable insight into how the intercountry adoption lobby works.

2013: “Stolen and Sold” by ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

A 27 minute story of an Australian family who find out that their adopted children had been traded by child traffickers in India. A 27 minute investigation into the mechanics of intercountry adoptions.

2014: German TV on illegal adoption from India

A 13 minute German TV news story about Anisha (born 1992) who was taken from her mother in India because she couldn’t afford to pay the hospital bill. The baby was forcibly taken from the mother and sent to an adoptive family in Germany. But Anisha always felt something was wrong and, with the help of ACT in India, was able to finally meet her mother. This news programme includes a critique of the Hague Adoption Convention. This was the first case that Arun Dohle, now the director of ACT, took up and his fieldwork form the basis of this documentary (as with most of the others listed above).

2004: “A Baby Business” by the Danish Broadcasting Corporation

Based on five years of research work by ACT, this 49 minute TV documentary is about child trafficking from India to Denmark. Made in the style of an investigation, the documentary follows the story of an Indian man whose child was sold to a family in Denmark without his knowledge. The programme uncovers systematic corruption in the intercountry adoption system, names the adoption agencies involved and shows that police will not investigate.