Civil servants suspected of adoption fraud

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The court wants to bring seven civil servants to court because they are allegedly involved in a large-scale fraud with Congolese adopted children. That reports Het Nieuwsblad.
14 September 2019

With eight, they are the suspects of large-scale adoption fraud with Congolese ‘orphans’ who the federal public prosecutor wants to drag for a criminal court. According to the newspaper, in addition to pivotal figure Julienne Mpemba – for many years at the head of the orphanage in Kinshasa – it would be about seven people who were or were employed by the French Community.

All eight, according to a reliable source, received a letter from the federal public prosecutor in the last few days stating that they are officially suspected of being involved in Congolese adoption fraud. Specifically, they are accused of having looked the other way when it came to light that for years they were cheating with birth dates and pictures of children who, moreover, turned out to be no orphans at all.

The pivotal figure was Julienne Mpemba, a Walloon Congolese lawyer who participated in the European parliamentary elections for the PS in 2014. It is said she has coordinated the child trafficking. All eight will soon appear before the council chamber, which decides whether or not they have to appear before a criminal court.