APOM investigation into human trafficking network, confirmed

Source:  http://www.apom.eu/2019Deva, Thursday, August 1, 2019
Author: Mircea Dan Opris

On the night of July 27/28, 2019, that is Saturday on Sunday, while all the attention was directed to the event in Caracal, the Association for the Protection of the Human and the Environment, signalled a descent of a mixed team from three special structures in Bucharest, who, without the news of the press and without the knowledge of the policemen from Arad county, started investigations at a farm in the town of Chilindia, Arad county. Here, complex researches were conducted, as well as searches, sample collections and security interviews with several persons. Chilindia is 50 kilometers from the border town Curtici, 80 kilometers from Turnu and 75 kilometers from Varsand, all three being border crossing points between Romania and Hungary.

More specifically, the investigators descended on a farm in Chilindia, of some Italian employers, belonging to ALBIERO GRUP SRL. In this place, two of Gheorghe Dinc?’s sons, the alleged perpetrator of several assassinations in the Caracal-Slatina area and surroundings, worked and came in various periods. Both Dinca’s wife and his sons were in Italy at the time when the scandal of the murder of the minor Alexandra Macecanu broke out, in Caracal, Olt County. According to the statements of several witnesses with protected identity, from Chilindia, Arad County, the two sons of Gheorghe Dinca, brought to work, at the farm of the Italians, both men and women from Caracal area, Olt County but also from other neighboring counties. Later, especially the younger women who accepted the offer to work, theoretically, on the farm of Italians in Arad, could no longer be contacted by the relatives nor gave any sign of life. Relatives and friends were “helped” by explaining that these people either married or went to work in Italy, Belgium or Spain. It must be remembered that the alleged perpetrator of crimes in Caracal himself lived for a time in Italy, where he was expelled after the Italian authorities accused him, with clear evidence, of being part of a pimping network, in the Bari area.

From the beginning, based on the experience of APOM members, who have worked in the field of combating trafficking in human beings, trafficking in organs and networks of illegal traffickers and illegal adoptions from Romania and other countries in Europe and North America, in a project seconded by the European Commission [Against Child Trafficking], I announced on Facebook that this is not a serial rapist and/or criminal but a complex network of trafficking in human beings and possible organs, including officials of some institutions of the Romanian state, from Olt county and not only.

Some details from the ongoing investigation confirm the data collected by the Association for Human and Environmental Protection regarding Dinca’s membership in a cross-border network organised by human trafficking, which traffics women, but possibly also human organs.

An Aradean publication, criticarad.ro , published the following article, which confirms, based on information from sources from DIICOT, which APOMa reported from the first hour of July 28, 2019. See HERE