Kidnapping for adoption proven: guilty as charged

In 2007 Arun Dohle brought out the news that an Indian couple was looking for their kidnapped son. He had traced them after having read about it in the Indian news.

For 12 years Arun Dohle and Roelie Post (ACT) supported the couple in their desperate search for a sign of life of their son.

It is a long and harrowing story. The Dutch police turned them away. The Courts dismissed their request, up to the European Court on Human Rights.

The Ministry of Justice could not get information. Secretary of State Fred Teeven did not have time to read the report when he finally got it from the Indian Ambassador in 2013.

On the 12th of February, the Indian Court finalised their 12-year long trial. It took ACT 4 months to get the final judgment. Yes, the wheels of justice turn slowly. But we got it this week.

Guilty as charged

Conspiracy to kidnap the children, change their names, to forge a surrender deed to look as if the biological mother did surrendered the child to Malaysian SOcial Services to impersonate as mother of the kidnapped children, to use such forged surrender deed for cheating, to use such forged surrender deed for as genuine, to file such false and forged documents before the Court of Judicature in Madras for the purpose of obtaining order from the Honorable High Court to kidnapped children in foster care of foreign couples by obtaining donations from the foreign countries.