A couple from Zaragoza abandons an adopted Indian girl because she was six years older than they thought

Date: 2018-08-29

The minor, who believed that she was 7 years old, is supervised by the DGA and it is valued if she stays in Spain or returns to her country.

David Asta / Efe / Heraldo New Delhi / Zaragoza Updated 08/29/2018

The couple from Zaragoza contacted the Udaan adoption agency, located in the central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. The couple from Zaragoza contacted the Udaan adoption agency, located in the central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh.
The controversy broke out in India after it was learned that a Spanish couple, living in Zaragoza , has abandoned an Indian girl they had adopted last January, but arrived in the Aragonese capital in March, after discovering that the child is supposedly 13 years old of age and not 7, as indicated by their papers .

Since then, the girl has been under the care of the Child and Adolescent Care service of the Aragonese Institute of Social Services ( IASS ) in one of its reception centers. This was the way the adoptive parents used to reject the adoption. The couple, as you may have known from this paper, has a university education and works in the field of education. The child was schooled for three months in a private center in the Aragonese capital in the 2nd year of primary school, a course that corresponded to her for “assumed” 7 years.

Sources of the DGA only confirmed that the couple left the girl in the hands of the service of protection of minors, although they did not specify when they did it and why they made this alleged decision .

The regional government said that “it is working in coordination with the Indian authorities to ensure the rights of the child and seek alternatives . ” The options that are handled are that she is again adopted in Spain or returns to her country, a return for which the Indian Government has shown interest. The girl already has Spanish nationality and has been adopted in accordance with the agreement that regulates international adoptions.

The general director of the Central Agency for Adoption Resources (CARA) of the Asian country, Deepak Kumar, who confirmed the existence of this case, also referred to these possibilities.

For her part, the Indian Minister of Development of Women and Children, Maneka Gandhi, wrote on Twitter: “It is very unfortunate that an adopted girl has been abandoned in Spain, I have asked our ambassador in Spain, DB Venkatesh Varma, to return her immediately to India, where we will ensure her reinsertion and custody. ”

“The parents affirmed that they were deceived with respect to the real age of the girl, the process of adoption of the minor was promoted giving erroneous information,” said Kumar. The general director of CARA explained that the Indian authorities are studying whether the minor wishes to return to her native country or permanently stay in Spain.

Maneka Gandhi writes to Indian embassy in Spain asking them to take necessary steps to send the girl who was adopted from Bhopal and then abandoned by adoptive parents back to India. The story was first reported by @ThePrintIndia here: https://theprint.in/governance/spanish-couple-abandon-adopted-indian-chi… …

Complaints against the agency

The couple from Zaragoza contacted by email CARA to report that they discovered that the girl is at least 13 years old and not 7 as appeared in the papers of the adoption agency Udaan, located in the central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. This Udaan center is actually an orphanage, although administratively it is called an adoption agency). According to information published in the media of the Asian country there is at least one other similar complaint against this center.

The general director of CARA explained that the girl’s age was established in Spain but the agencies of their native country are verifying it “for which a committee has been formed”. None of the sources consulted in Aragón corroborated this extreme.

For his part, the director of CARA in the state of Madhya Pradesh, Ramachandra Reddy, said the agency will examine “very soon” the original documents of the adoption, in the hands of the Indian orphanage .

The Indian authorities tried unsuccessfully to inspect the documentation a few days ago, but those responsible for Udaan refused to hand over the papers to the officials. In this center there have also been other irregularities, such as three men were in charge of two girls older than six years, when the law stipulates that only female staff can take care of children over that age.

In the Asian giant country, 3,210 minors were adopted between April 2016 and March 2017, 578 of them by foreign parents.