Help deported adult adoptee Wazulu to get his indian passport back


In 2010, Wazulu who has been adopted via HOLT International from India, then re-homed and eventually  got forced back to India.

Since then he is homeless and literally living out on the road, trying to survive day to day.

Nobody had ever taken care of his US citizenship. He had been living with a green card and his indian passport in the US.

Once he came back from middle America and ICE told him he can either give up his green card and go back to India or he can go to jail.

He chose to go to India and they took away his indian passport on the flight. He only has a photocopy left.

Since 2010 he s literally living on the road and trying to survive. Roaming around, eating in temples.

His Indian family is not in a position to help him. He s a brilliant musician and his music has helped him to survive.

However without ID, he cannot earn money, not travel , not hold a simcard, nothing. We discovered that his passport was actually valid till June 2017. So it should be possible to apply for a fresh one, so that  he can have a life again. We need to go with him to Delhi and/ or Bangalore for a couple of days and get through the buerocracy jungle.

If we have 1500 EUR together we can start with the work…

Kindly donate for Wazulu´s Passport

Bank transfers can be made to:

Against Child Trafficking
Bank account 67 26 82 060
IBAN: NL41 INGB 0672 6820 60


In US Dollars:


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*note this fundraiser is towards expenses, boarding and lodging,  lawyers fees etc. We will not cover his living expenses, other then when we travel together for the work