Danish Minister about Ethiopian adoption cases: Never seen before

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By Ritzau – 07 / 04-16

Ethiopia has overturned two Danish adoptions, but it is uncertain what impact the decision will have for the children.

It’s never seen before. It is an extraordinary situation. So says social and Interior Minister Karen Ellemann.

Thursday canceled a court in Ethiopia adoption of the two Ethiopian children Masho and Amy Steen.

Karen Ellemann can confirm that Ethiopia has taken a decision. But she can not yet say what impact the decision will have for the two children.

– It is an extraordinary situation for all parties involved. We therefore need to just breathe, because until we know more, it is too early to comment on what is going to happen.

– The Board is in the process of investigating what is up and down in the case, since we only know that there is a decision, and does not know the contents of the said social and interior.

Masho was adopted by a Danish couple in 2008, and Amy Steen was adopted in 2009. The children were known by TV2 sent documentary “adoption of a child price” in 2012.

Amy Steens relation to the Danish adoptive parents went bad, and Amy Steen ended up being placed with a foster family. Masho ended up also being removed from his adoptive parents and now lives in an orphanage in Holbaek.

15-year-old Amy Steen has traveled to Ethiopia, where she is with her biological family. This is despite the fact that the Appeals Board in Denmark has banned her a trip to Ethiopia before she is 18 years of age.

Masho still lives in an orphanage in Denmark. It is uncertain whether the judgment can mean a surrender Masho to Ethiopia.

– I incredibly difficult to imagine that one can when the child has spent his entire childhood in Denmark. But I will not start making guesses, as it is a very extraordinary and huge situation, says Karen Ellemann.

Question: There are other Danish parents who have adopted children from Ethiopia.Can they expect to happen like for them?

– I can not guess, says Karen Ellemann.

In March stopped Denmark for adoptions from Ethiopia following a recommendation of the Appeals Board.

The Minister can not say when the Appeals Board comes with new information in the case.