Children for sale on Brussels’ Fair

17 September 2016
by Tom Le Bacq | Source: HNB

BabyBloom promotion commercial surrogacy on its website.

The American organization BabyBloom will mobilize in late January in Brussels gay couples to ‘buy’ a surrogate baby. The cost of such a baby: at least 80,000 euro. For that, you may well choose an egg of the smartest and most attractive woman, you may follow the echoes via Skype and get the child postpartum in Las Vegas. “Do not: you venture into illegality,” says gynecologist Petra De Sutter. “These kinds of exchanges, we should prohibit.”

According to the organization, they want to “help people to realize their dream.” Because they want no controverse, they do not organize a trade fair, but they talk individually with each couple. “And while we encourage you to raise the bar as high as possible in terms of intelligence, looks and personality,” Baby Bloom says on its website. Then parents can-be “via skype or spot ‘follow the ultrasounds.

The whole operation will cost at least 80,000 euros, but with extra cost it can get over 100,000 euro. And thus this is a clear case of commercial surrogacy, which is banned in Belgium. “You buy an egg, you ‘rent’ for nine months the womb of a woman and then you have your child. That can not be here, and it never will, “said gynecologist Petra De Sutter. “This type of sessions we should also ban.”