Do you remember Amy? Now she is trapped in Denmark and shall not see her mother

A video of the little Ethiopian girl Amy, who forcibly dragged into a car by educators from Næstved, threw the first light of scandals in the adoption system. Today, three years later, prohibit the Danish authorities Amy to visit his HIV-infected biological mother in Ethiopia.

“Everything has been a huge misunderstanding. My mother would never have given up for adoption to me, if she knew it would be done like this. She was told she could contact me every two months, “says Amy Steen, who on paper today is 15 years. In fact, she just turned 17.

Because when she came to Denmark in 2009, she experts at Rigs Hospital estimated her to be about two years older than what was stated in the papers. According to the new book “child adoption battlefields”, which looks behind the fraud with adopted children and identifying Amy’s story.


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DANMARK MAN D. 19. OKT 15 KL. 09:27
Husker du Amy? Nu er hun fanget i Danmark og må ikke se sin mor