ACT in the NEWS: Foreign adoptions ‘make children commodities’

8 September 2015

Debate raging for and against inter-country adoption in IndiaPHOTO: “What is the definition of human trafficking? When there is an exchange of money for a human body, this is trafficking,” Anjali Pawar said.

Excellent article by ABC Australia, reporting on ACT’s work.

Mr Dohle and Ms Pawar, of the Europe-based NGO Against Child Trafficking (ACT), have long been involved with child protection and adoption issues.

They are highly regarded for their abilities to search for and locate Indian birth families.

After working on almost 50 such cases, often with limited information, they have built up a solid network of trusted contacts in government agencies and at the community level.

In a country as bureaucratically dense as India, they regularly manage to do the seemingly impossible: locate women who lost or gave up children decades ago.

At the same time, ACT is a strident voice, aiming to shut down inter-country adoption, arguing it almost always amounts to child trafficking.

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