13 July 2015

Against Child Trafficking and a European Commission civil servant (a colleague of whistleblower Roelie Post)  blew the whistle on children’s rights and and child trafficking for intercountry adoptions at the European Parliament. This European Commission’s civil servant informed Member of the European Parliament Cecilia Wikström about the intimidations/threats she gets.

How Cecilia Wikström deals with a whistleblower on children’s rights:
(13 July 2015):

Wikström: Did you ever consider leaving your job and just do something else, like selling furniture, interior design.

Commission whistleblower: Well yes, if you have money. I don’t have that. I have applied for other jobs, outside and inside the European Commission, but I don’t get anything. So, I just take the my salary and I don’t …

Wikström: I would not mind having that… With that kind of money you could set up any kind of…

Against Child Trafficking (ACT): you are not allowed to… as a civil servant.

Wikstrom: But with that kind of money you could have put some money aside so that you could open a kiosk, or sell some clothes or flowers, or I don’t know. Did you ever consider that?

Commission whistleblower: Well what about the European children. Perhaps all the NGO’s could just sell candles?

Wikström: That’s what I would have done immediately. If my child would have been threatened, I would have said: OK, I wash my hands.

Commission whistleblower: Yes, many people are giving up. It is very difficult. I am not the one. I almost have given up. But not yet.

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