Adoption Lobby Alert: Italy’s troubling times

26 June 2015

In Italy, the Central Authority for Intercountry Adoptions has concluded a Memorandum of Understanding with the Italian Police, the Carabinieri.

Da oggi i carabinieri controlleranno l’adozione internazionale: finirà, finalmente, la piaga dei pagamenti in contanti e in nero?

From now on, the Police will have to ensure that the fundamental rights of children are respected.

Apparently the reason is that black money is being paid, under the table, to obtain children. That has to stop.  
The  Italian Central Authority has been very very silent over the last years.  That they now get the cops involved, is a sign that something must be very wrong indeed.

Of course, not to the liking of the adoption agencies.  It might add to the general disaster, the total downfall of intercountry adoption.

Amici dei Bambini is organising an international conference end of August:  Does inter-country adoption stil have a future?

L’adozione internazionale ha ancora un futuro?

Among the speakers:   Craig Juntuunen of Both ends Burning and Laura Martinez-Mora of the Hague Conference (Hague Adoption Convention)

Here the PROGRAM


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