Family blocked in Santo Domingo

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Montecosaro, chaos in adoptions: couple with two children can not go back. They are there since November
Franco Veroli

Macerata, April 15, 2015 – RETURN delayed to Italy – no one knows when – for a couple of Montecosaro, blocked in the Dominican Republic , where they had adopted two children, because of a couple of stamps. “The procedure for the adoption was completed. But we need visas on documents of children, which must be issued by the Italian consulate, “explains Robert Corsalini and Maria Luisa Capomasi.

“The fact is – he continues – that the embassy-consulate was closed on December 31 and we must have visas to travel to Panama. We have already contacted by mail the Italian consul in Panama, but still do not know if, when and how we will reach Panama, nor is it clear what we need to do to be able to have these blessed visas. We are waiting, but in the meantime our stay is prolonged and could create us many difficulties. ”

Robert and Maria Luisa , in fact, are in the Dominican Republic since last November 22 : he took advantage of unpaid leave, she, instead, took five months maternity, however, which expire on April 22nd. “After that we will not have a salary to rely on. And keep in mind that only the flight to Panama costgs about 600 euro . “

The couple knew that, given the rigidity of the rules on adoption, it would take about five months . But iat the time of their departure the consulate was not closed, but was open. “It ‘a shameful thing,” says the lawyer Aldo Burzatta, assisting the couple. “To complicate the situation, which also covers other couples and other Italian citizens – more – there’s also the fact that the Dominican government has not ratified the ministerial decrees with which the Italian government has ordered the closure of the consulate, diverting its functions to that of Panama. The procedure for adoption is concluded. ” In short, the noble gesture of a couple who want to adopt children once again collides with the bureaucracy. “It’s been about five years since my wife and I decided to adopt a child – says Robert -. Arrived here, we realized that the path was not easy, we had to rely on our own strength. There were difficult moments. Fortunately, however, great has been the support of many friends. The problem is with us, but also many other couples and many other Italians present here. We hope to be able to remedy as soon as possible this situation that creates so many hardships. ”