The Minister, Congo and Sister Benedicta


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Date: 02/16/15

Here is the article written by Giuseppe Lo Bianco and published by The Daily Saturday, February 14, 2015. The journalist reported the interpellation submitted on 12 February by the senator of Popular Area, Aldo Di Biagio, on the modus operandi in the Democratic Republic of Congo unclear CAI (Commission International adoptions led by former prosecutor Silvia Della Monica). In the article, on the basis of interpellation, it is said that even the city of Goma would be ordered by the CAI to transfer the children adopted by Italian couples without the involvement of the Congolese authorities and on which the Court of Goma intervened by opening of ad hoc investigations.

When she came down from the steps of the State aircraft, which was returning from Kinshasa, with an adopted child with braided hair, who had been brought to Italy along with 30 other children, Maria Elena Boschi had wanted her next to her, picked up by all the TV: but now it turns out that “Sister Benedicta” – the Congolese religious on which the minister has much to resolve the standoff with Congo that a hundred Italian adoptive families hold their breath waiting to welcome the children stuck in Kinshasa – is a “irregular” nun who committed “serious violations” so its French Order has distanced itself from her since 1998, as well as the Diocese of Massa Marittima where the religious had taken refuge.

And, even more embarrassing to the minister, Sister Benedicta is accused of having managed so casual the adoptions in Congo that diplomatic relations between the two countries are endangering : on one occasion she tried to move children from an orphanage to another without authorization and the curator of the judiciary its association, Amamatu said “she continued adoptions in Kinshasa ” and no longer in Goma, home to a very severe Court,” because the 22 children are configured as wards of the state. ”
The last mystery around Minister Boschi raised by interpellation of ‘on. Aldo Di Biagio (Popular Area) invests the management of international adoptions entrusted to Cai, the commission which depends on the Presidency of the Council led by ex pm Silvia Della Monica, committed to unlock the transfers of children from the Congo: “I was in contact with Sister Benedicta, who runs one of the orphanages in the Congo and other realities in Italy – had said in an interview in the Woods Family Christian – because we are following the cases of other children and other families waiting. ”
But who is the sister?
Interpellation presented by Di Biagio says that Sister Benedicta Sekamonyo Muiawimana “who is now a member of the Fraternity of monastic nuns of San Cerbone Kinshasa, made her religious profession in the order of Cistercian Bernardine of Esquermes in 1982, as evidenced in a note of the Prioress General of the general House of the Order based in France, addressed to the Diocese of Massa Marittima in Grosseto “.
“In the same note – adds Di Biagio – the Prioress General refers to ‘serious breaches’ in the hands of the Congolese nun, following which she was asked to leave the order in 1997. Since 1998, the nun would not have more contacts with the general house therefore the religious would live an irregular situation. ”

28 May, Sister Benedicta “was present – as stated on the website of the Cai – as representative of the” Five Loaves ” (Cinque Pani).
Among the most active in managing the orphanages in the Congo, the foundation Raphael, starred in an not clarified episode: the nightly transfer last 29 December of 22 children, many in their pajamas, from one institution to another, was not authorized by the Congolese authorities .
An incident that would not be isolated: “It is – writes Di Biagio – the same days there was a second transfer request: the coordinator of the Association Femme et le Developpement (Fed) of Goma has refused to give in to “nagging” requests from association Amamatu asbl Sister Benedicta, probably commissioned by the Italian Cai (Central Authority), who despite not having any commitment or arrangement with the Fed would be required to withdraw the minors.”