Congo, 22 children abducted who are to be adopted by Italian couples


The children were taken by force by three men with a French accent. While the Foreign Ministry is silent, Congo will investigate.

Andrea Riva – Tue, 20/01/2015 – 09:28

In fact, this seems to be darker than it looks. As reported today by the Daily Done, which incorporates the Congolese newspaper Le Potentiel, the evening of last December 29, 22 children already destined for Italian couples were taken by force from the orphanage in Kinshasa, Maison Gabrielle Ange Family.

Three men with a French accent would have entered the structure with violence, taking the kids in a hurry and qualifying as envoys of Cai, the [Italian] Commission for Intercountry Adoptions, chaired by Silvia Della Monica and under the dependencies of the Foreign Ministry.

Le Potentiel writes, quoting a resident of the neighborhood of the orphanage,that the managers of the facility would have been mystified by the dynamics of the extremely agitated and bloody episode: “Wearing pijamas, the kids would have resisted their carers, would launch screams to oppose the transfer and were loaded on a vehicle by intermediaries of their adoptive parents. ”

To justify the raid, French men would have said that the children would be simply transferred to another facility, without making any reference to Italy. As written by the Congolese newspaper, it would have been three employees of the Italian foundation Raphael, who would have acted in violation of the standard procedure for custody of children.

While the Foreign Ministry is silent on the episode, the Congolese ministry of Gender, Family and Children’s has promised to launch an investigation.