Adoption Lobby Alert: LUMOS brokering for the US Children in Adversity

14 October 2014

LUMOS promoting Adoption Parties

Mary Landrieu, long time partizan for expanding intercountry adoptions, is a fervent supporter of the Children in Adversity Plan. Not only Landrieu, also the Christian Coalition for Orphans, the Saddleback Church, Save the Children to name a few.

This lustrous groups have been joined by LUMOS, the UK NGO set up by Harry Potter’s author J.K. Rowling.  However, the Children in Adversity Action Plan does not yet have the US Congress’ support. LUMOS has now magically crossed the Ocean and lobbies the US Congress.  See our previous Adoption Lobby Alert.

Today’s Adoption Lobby Alert??? Well, LUMOS is also trying to broker a cooperation between the US and the EU on the Children in Adversity Plan. See here the Terms of Reference sent by LUMOS to the EU (after LUMOS’ visit to the US!) in July 2014. And the Agenda of the first scheduled Working Group on International Co-operation to End Institutionalisation.

Children in Families First goes together with the Children in Adversity Plan. The European Union’s version of the Children in Adversity is called De-Institutionalization. Both concepts are creating ‘Families First Plans’. And we all know what that means: an international market in children run by private adoption agencies.

So join the STOP CHIFF campaign on Facebook and voice your dismissal to J.K. Rowling’s TWITTER

2014 06 27 Working Group on International Co-operation to End Institutionalisation Terms of Reference  [DRAFT]

2014 03 28 Background Document Lumos Moraes Round Table 8 April FINAL  (1)

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