Unity requires the rights of children in adoption debate

Date: 2014-09-04

Unity requires much more focus on children in the new adoption law. Social Affairs supports

By Michael Roemer

When parliament in the coming weeks to negotiate a new law on adoption area, there is far more focus on children’s and adult adoptees subjects’ rights, says a requirement from Unity.
– We’re talking a huge amount about what is going on in the country where the child comes from, in Denmark, and the adoptive parents and the biological parents. But we risk forgetting what it is really about, says Green Alliance social spokesman

Pernille Skipper , to dr.dk on a phone from Ethiopia.

The initiative proposes to give adoptees: The right to own securities, the right to respect for birth parents and the right advice without adoptivsforældrenes presence.
Along with the Parliamentary Committee on Social Affairs is Pernille Skipper on a study in Ethiopia, which has been the subject of a number of unfortunate cases, adoption cases – particularly in the East African country.
– We suggest that you write down and give the child some real rights they have with them all the way through an adoption. It is all about being able to look back and see his own papers, says Pernille Skipper.
EL: Follow Conventions
The party’s proposal is based on international conventions that Denmark already has signed:
– It is true that Denmark has signed the Conventions. But in practice is missing, it is to implement them properly, says Pernille Skipper.
Before the summer holidays Ministry of Social Affairs announced an official report which set the stage for one of three different models the area of ??adoption after the scandal hit the organism functions DanAdopt and AC International Child has been severely criticized.
When Social Committee returning from Ethiopia, going negotiations under way for a new structure in the area. according to DR’s information, there is agreement across party lines that it should increasingly focus on the child than adoptivsforældrenes rights.

Responsive Minister
– There are a lot of impressions from Ethiopia, and it is a very complex area. But what stands out is that everyone agrees on – across political parties, across organizations and authorities here in Ethiopia – that we need to put the child more in focus when it comes to adoptions, says Pernille Skipper .

Social Affairs Manu Sareen (R) supports the RGA requirements.
– I am actually completely agree that something must be done for these vulnerable children, says Manu Sareen to dr.dk.
A further analysis in this area is expected this month as a prelude to negotiations.
Do you agree with Enhedsliten in that it takes a lot more focus on adopted children and adult adoptees?
– Well, the whole thread of our discussion is actually the rights of children. Otherwise there was no reason for it. But today it is the case that adopted children may well gain insight into their papers.
Social Affairs is in his own words ‘very very responsive’ to to change the whole system. He does not agree with Pernille Skipper in Denmark not live lives up to Conventions since our underskfit commit.
– But having said that, we are happy to commit beyond that. In the sense that we want the children’s safety, we want the children’s best interests.

It is pivotal to create an entirely new system, says Manu Sareen.
It is hoped that the parliamentary parties in the next few months to reach agreement on a new adoption structure.