Adoption Lobby Alert: Uganda, history repeating itself

3  September 2014

Uganda is the perfect example that the intercountry adoption system does not work.  It is a travelling circus, that leaves the same devastation everywhere.

Already in October 2012 the Dutch Central Authority investigated adoptions from Uganda and as a result adoptions from Uganda were stopped.

ACT handed in a FOIA request and got the related documents. Part of it is in Dutch, part is in English. It clearly shows the corruption, the sourcing of children from families. In sort: the same pattern we are seeing for decades in every country where foreign adoption agencies set up shop.

And still there is no international coordination. Did the Dutch authorities share their findings with other parties to the Hague Convention, like the United States? (the fact that Uganda did not ratify Hague does not matter, really).

Uganda did not stop adoptions after the Dutch withdrew. Instead they are implementing a ‘continuum of care model’ that includes intercountry adoption as a child protection measure. One of the pilot countries for the US Action Plan for Children in Adversity, there is not much  hope things will change.  And Uganda’s families and their children pay the price.

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