The Ethiopian court overturns adoption of two Spanish couples

Date: 2014-08-28


The Federal Supreme Court of Ethiopia has overturned the favorable rulings of the adoption of two children of two Spanish couples and has stated that the children are not adoptable , that this decision comes after a long judicial process and that both couples resort to higher levels .

As reported, the affected Sonia Alonso and Ruben Fernandez and Silvia Pons and Jerome Molto said the decision “was not a surprise.” “Our lawyers have been evaluating and will resort to bodies” Molto explains in a video sent to the Spanish media.

“We came to Ethiopia because we thought it was a country that had a law and competent court system .  As we continue to think and our lawyer says we can appeal to a higher court, we decided to continue to exhaust all the legal remedies we put ahead, “adds Sonia Alonso in another recordings.

She explains that they have not yet assessed whether or not to go home , and have to analyze at what time would present and to keep in mind how to solve the resource. The visa of the four Spanish expires at the end of September.

During the appeal, no statements were given, since, as they explained, it is the request of their lawyers to have “minor media activity” so they can work  “normal”.

Moreover, given the result of both the citizens and the media and the Spanish authorities’ support throughout the process and especially since mid-August, when after four months of living with the children, the Ethiopian Ministry Women (MOWA) took back the children and sent them to an orphanage.

“I appreciate very much that you have joined us doing interviews, hanging videos that we have sent (…) in the last five or six days we beckoned him and have respected. Should be giving thanks that even in this week of silence the signatures on have risen a thousand, “said Alonso, in relation to the Internet support campaign, which has already received more than 79,000 accessions .

Molto recalled that from the beginning the Spanish authorities  have criticized “tardy” . However, thanks to  “activities and concern” of both the Health Minister Ana Mato, as the Foreign Minister Jose Manuel Garcia-Margallo and consular representatives with whom they have had contact at this time.

All of them asks them to “not to cease operation.” “This is not over and we will continue to need your support to reach the end, both these two families as the thousand who come after,” he says in the video.


All children who are not yet three years old , were were handed to an Ethiopian orphanage since mid-August.  They were handed to their adoptive parents, who were living together in Addis Ababa after a favorable judgment to the adoption in March.

That ruling was challenged by the Ministry of Women in Ethiopia (MOWA) , which detected an alleged irregularity in the process and took it to court. In response, a judge overturned the decision , but issued a ruling that forced the MOWA to draft a new file and set that as the process was complete, the children could stay with their adoptive parents.

The MOWA, however, then decided it was not competent to handle the adoption because the children were from the South, Federated States contrary to international adoption. His administration was interested by the judge in the proceeding and argued to the  media that there was fundamentally sustained cooperation and funding for orphanages to take care of children. This Wednesday justice has proved him right.