Adoption Lobby Alert: Say No to the Action Plan for Children in Adversity + CHIFF

26 August 2014

Say No to the Action Plan for Children in Adversity

Why? Because it’s just as bad as the Children In Families First Bill (CHIFF).

In fact, the two are one of a kind. And even when CHIFF would not pass – which we think it won’t – the Action Plan for Children in Adversity is already reality.

Those of the collaborative blog that advocates for ethics in adoption, Voices for Vietnam Adoption Integrity, got it right:

Why oppose CHIFF:

Why?  A number of reasons, but it basically boils down to the fact that this bill makes international adoption a priority above all other options for vulnerable children around the world.  Consider the third section of the bill, titled Promotion of a Comprehensive Approach for Children in Adversity” in which the Administrator of the new agency established by the bill is tasked with implementing the “Action Plan for Children in Adversity” in at least six countries within the next five years.  The purpose of this initial launch is to “establish model programs that… will be available for replication on a global basis.”   And the criteria for launching in those six countries?  All of them MUST agree to “support the full complement of permanence solutions” – including “intercountry adoption”.

In other words, money would be siphoned off of funds currently used to aid and support vulnerable children around the world for the clear and stated purpose of incentivizing intercountry adoptions.  Who stands to gain the most from that approach?  Adoption agencies, adoption attorneys, and others who work in that industry.

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The world does need this, indeed,  BOLD US INITIATIVE


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