Adoption Lobby Alert: Australian government warned its overhaul of adoption risks child trafficking

29 August 2014

“Risks opening the door to child trafficking”. Well, we agree and disagree.

Already in 2008, we – Against Child Trafficking (ACT) – warned the Australian government with a letter with some 1600 pages annexed, spelling out Australia’s involvement in child trafficking for adoption.  You can read the letter here, the annexes were to huge to be put online. But they are listed.  We really, naively, wanted to assist the Australian authorities.

We never got a written reply. Just a 3 minuts phonecall…

The follow up: an extra day added to the 2010 meeting on the Hague Adoption Convention, paid by Australia, where ACT was not invited. Outcome: a trafficking protocol that to our knowledge has never been used.

Our Australian trafficking cases remain unsolved. Here one example: a kidnapped Indian child. It was ACT who tried to build the bridge. But no cooperation.
Australian authorities simply do not want to discuss/work with us for the benefit of victims. Because the T(rafficking) word may not be used.

But it has always been there, trafficking for intercountry adoption. And not only from India. Oh no…

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