Adoption Lobby Alert: Lumos lobbying the US Congress?

10 July 2014

From the JCICS Report to their Board of Directors we learned the following:

 In June we are meeting with the Lumos Foundation (as part of the Global Alliance for Children’s mirror plan for the Action Plan) to discuss Lumos’ new office and presence in Washington. CAPP and Lumos will be working together specifically to advance the Action Plan in Congress and the Obama administration.

The Action plan is the Children In Adversity Initiation, the US masterplan to impose their approach onto the rest of the world. Their adoption approach, that is.

Now, we knew that Lumos was brokering relations between the US Children in Adversity Team and the European Parliament/European Commission. We did not yet know that Lumos becomes the lobby face within the US Congress.

Clever lobby move! Hereby exposed.


ADOPTION LOBBY ALERT is an initiative of Against Child Trafficking. We are closely monitoring the Adoption Industry.

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