Adoption Lobby Alert: JCICS – Like… Christmas in July

10 July 2014

We thank the Joint Council of International Children’s Services (JCICS) – a name which according to some of their stakeholders should be changed into International Adoption Services, for uploading some of their key policy documents.  It felt like… Christmas in July [i]

Over the next days we will analyse these documents and report on the main themes.

First let us go back in time.

End 2009, just days after it came out, Poundpuplegacy published the Stakeholder Initiative of the JCICS. It gave a much welcomed insight in the dramatic situation in which JCICS had found itself. Suffering from a bad reputation as the Adoption Trade Industry, which they compared to the Tobacco Industry, they were in dire need to change their reputation.

So, what do transnational trade corporations do in such a situation? They hire a Public Relations company to help them in setting up a campaign. Such campaigns, for example in case of the Tobacco Industry, comprise a whole range of lobby tactics, ranging from setting up astroturf grass root organisation, lobbying of legislators to media campaigns. All to further their business agendas.

See here the tobacco lobby tactics of Edelman: TOBACCO LOBBY TACTICS EDELMAN.

In 2009 JCICS had entered into a partnership with Edelman PR. In their own words:

“We’re the world’s largest PR firm – thousands of talented employees connecting, informing and creating inspiring work around the globe. We recalibrate brands to broaden awareness, reframe global positions and re-connect with core customers. Our business is to help you form relationships and effectively engage.”

So we may assume that the Stakeholders Initiative was part of the partnership between JCICS and Edelman. That partnership got reinforced in 2011 when Brian Franklin, Vice President of Edelman reinforced JCICS’ ranks. As Chairman.

Today’s Christmas gift shows that, within five years, JCICS has wriggled themselves a strong position in the House of Cards of Adoptionland:

(While marked as confidential, we consider that JCICS’s uploading of this document on their website interpreted as no longer confidential)

2014 Current & Planned Activities

A Report to the Board of Directors

May 21, 2014


In 2013 and continuing in 2014, Joint Council is at its pinnacle of influence, prestige and impact. We now have a seat at the table on 3 major coalitions which influence programs and spending representing billions of dollars for children living outside of family care and children adopted both domestically and internationally. In 2013 and ’14 we became key influencers with Members of Congress, informed 3 major pieces of legislation, 2 appropriations bills and have contributed to educating over 120 Congressional offices and committees.


In 2014, Joint Council convened its most successful Symposium with 200 attendees from 8 countries and presenters from former ‘oppositional organizations’ such as Catholic Relief Services and Save The Children. We also advanced the long-term by launching our Emerging Leaders Program with 5 participants and 2 funders.


This year we will once again expand our Make Change for Children Campaign and raise the awareness and engagement of key short and long term constituents; children and their families. And later this year, as a founding board member of Hopeland, we will help launch a large scale, global awareness, education and advocacy campaign designed to bring change to public perception, governmental policy and funding and ultimately to at risk families and children living outside of family care.”

Congrats to Edelman and JCICS!


To be continued – stay tuned


ADOPTION LOBBY ALERT is an initiative of Against Child Trafficking. We are closely monitoring the Adoption Industry.

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[i] Frank Underwood, House of Cards (Netflix)