Children removed from parents in England back to Portugal. Latvia next!

18 April 2014

Glad to report some happy news!

A Portuguese family had their five children taken by the Social Services of the UK. The two youngest were put up for adoption. The parents went up in arms. Even went to the European Parliament in Brussels.

Today the parents received excellent news: their children will be placed under the care of the Portuguese authorities.

Read the Portuguese news about this HERE

The UK Government has over the last 10 years led an aggressive pro-adoption policy. As a result, there a growing number of British parents is losing their children permanently.  Many children are also taken from migrants. People who come to the UK to work. Some of these parents have raised the alarm bell and requested help from their home country’s diplomatic services.

The UK approach is very different from other EU countries, were adoption by strangers – without the consent of the parents – is not common practice.  In line with the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, children in public care have a right to be in contact with their parents. And to be united as soon as possible.

The Slovak  Ambassador was the first, as far as we know, to get two children back to the Slovak Republic.

Now the Portuguese Embassy rescued these five children.

We now wait for the Latvian Embassy to do the same for Katya, daughter of Laila Brice.

On 19 March several  parents, including Laila Brice, victims of the forced adoption policy, presented Petitions to the European Parliament. ACT was there, as a witness and in support, as we were already in contact with Laila Brice.

Afterwards, ACT sent a letter to the Latvian Ambassador.  READ HERE A hard copy of the letter was given to the President of Latvia a day later, by supporters of Laila Brice during a demonstration in Latvia. The President committed to personally follow this issue.  So, we are awaiting the results, impatiently.

Let this Easter be the new beginning.

Please watch this excellent presentation of Ms. Sabine Kurjo McNeill (visit her Blog: No Punishment Without a Crime)

By the way, the Portuguese family also was at the European Parliament that day. And got arrested after their return in the UK...

Congrats for the Portuguese Embassy for taking care of the children and bringing them back into the jurisdiction of Portugal.

Latvia next!