Irish forced adoption and intercountry adoption – two of a kind

8 February 2014

Just wondering shen people will start to connect this to the current intercountry adoption practices.

The church and other religious groups are, as we know,still  heavily involved in adoptions from abroad.

There are mothers all over the world, adoptees all over the world, all wanting the same: open records, acknowledgment that what happened was wrong. In short: be taken seriously.

Reflecting on the adoption cases ACT currently works on, the behaviour of the authorities involved fairly well  fits this quote:

They’d rather stay silent and take the bad press than issue apologies, because they know that will open them up to legal liabilities.

from Mari Steed, U.S. coordinator of the Adoption Rights Alliance. The full article can be read here.

Heads up for the real Philomena, and all others fighting for human rights!  We still have a long long way to go!