Hundreds of parents are still searching for their missing children in Guatemala

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The Alba- Keneth alert unit investigating 1,130 cases of missing children
Guillermo gives orientation courses since the police killed her son
A foster mother returned to Mildred ‘s daughter , stolen from her belly during medical check
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Poverty in Guatemala promotes theft of children for sexual or organ trafficking to social indifference and ineffectiveness police purposes. Samanta Villar coexists with several families who have suffered the loss of a son a few days before they celebrate Children’s Day in the country.

Maribel , mother of Kenneth , “With the pain one cannot be happy again “
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Maribel and William moved to Jalapa in Guatemala, with their son Kenneth escaping gangs. In December 2009 , the youngest of five years disappeared. Some neighbors were found guilty of kidnapping and child was found eight days later buried under a stack of cement next to his house. “They killed him because they could not get him out of the country,” said the father.
“I did not know before what was pain. I had lost my mom but this is not comparable “says Kenneth ‘s mother who refuses to throw away the clothes and toys of her child ,” With the pain one cannot be happy again, If I throw it away I feel I’m hurting him. ”

The Alba- Keneth law prevents cases like Kennito recurrence

The Alba- Kenneth Drive Alert investigating 1,130 cases of missing children

Kenneth ‘s murder marked a change in legislation in Guatemala . The law of Alba- Kenneth Alert is activated immediately when the disappearance of a child is reported , coordinating the state security forces and supporting media for the rapid dissemination of information .
William works with the Alba- Kenneth Alert to prevent kidnappings
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Currently , the Drive Alert Alba- Kenneth investigated 1,130 cases of missing children. William works with the Survivors Foundation alert reporting law . He has traveled around the country giving talks to police , family and colleges.
Hope is the last to die

Juana has faith that his grandson is still alive and since then searches tirelessly

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Samanta also speaks with Juana Castillo. His grandson, Brayan, disappeared five years ago on January 18, 2012. The mother, Patty , left him in the care of his seven years sister and was just a little away to work. When it happened, no one helped her search: ” In the district given the same, they do not pay attention ,” she explains . Juana has faith that the child is still alive and since then searches relentlessly.

Mildred recovered her daughters

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A criminal organization took the two daughters of Mildred to give them in adoption. One of them was stolen during a medical checkup. Two years later they were found because the adoptive mother who received the child for adoption contacted her. The persons responsible for the abduction are free pending trial.

DNA from Spain Prokids fight against child trafficking internationally
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Since Spain is fighting child trafficking internationally. Jose Antonio Lorente is the director and founder of DNA Prokids program. He has more than 600 positive identifications through DNA testing of minors. Lorente explains that there is a deterrent system : “Criminals already know that a child is placed for adoption will be genetically identified.”