Reunited: Adopted daughter finds mom after 26 years

Source: Deccan Chronicle

Girl meets mother after 26 years

DC | Gururaj A. Paniyadi | January 07

Joyce planting a coconut sapling 	— DC

Joyce planting a coconut sapling — DC

Mangalore: It was an emotional moment when 26-year-old Joyce who was adopted at an early age, finally met her biological mother on Saturday. Though Joyce, who is studying law in London, wanted to find her mother in India, it was not an easy task.

It was Anjali Pawar, director of Sakhee Child Rights, who finally ensured this reunion of the mother and child. Lidwin, born to a psychologically ill woman in 1987 was adopted within a year of her birth by a couple from Netherlands. After adoption Lidwin was named Joyce.

“It was about a year ago when three children who had their roots in India and were adopted by parents abroad, wanted to find out their biological parents in India and Joyce was one among them,” Anjali Pa­war told Deccan Chronicle.

“They had tried with various international organizations working on adoption but failed. Finally they contacted me. With the help of the adoption papers we found the mother of Joyce,” she said.
Anjali said that Jyoce was the child of a psychologically ill woman in Moodbidri.

“Joyce’s grandparents to­ok her mother to Mount Rosary institution near Moodbidri where she delivered. It was from the same place the child was given for adoption. Within a year of delivery, the child was taken to Delhi and from there to Netherlands,” Anjali said.

“It is natural that when children come to know about their adoption they would like to visit their biological parents. Similarly, Joyce who got to know about her Indian connection wanted to find out her mother and through her friend, contacted us.

“With the help of the adoption papers, we located the institution and her roots at Moodbidri. I found that her mother was in an institution for psychologically sick women,” Anjali added.
Finally on Saturday, Anj­ali brought Joyce to her mo­ther. It was a touching mo­ment when Joyce saw and hugged her mother.

The mother, who still continues to be ill could not recognize her daughter. She remembered that she had delivered a child. But being a patient she did not feel the bondage. When she was told that Joyce was her daughter, the only thing she did was smile and eagerly watch Joyce.