ACT at 8th European Forum on the Rights of the Child

ACT participated to the 8th European Forum on the Rights of the Child.

Webstream of the first day can be watched HERE

One of the themes was ‘Children on the Move’.

Yesterday, at the closing session, the European Commission asked for ideas to include in their policy making.

ACT was given the floor – here our contribution:

As concerns Children On the Move, one should include children who came to the Member States for intercountry adoption.

Our organisation is faced with increased demand of adult adoptees, who want to re-connect with their families, inside or outside the EU.
At the same time there are families abroad, looking for their children who were adopted into the EU.
Many of these children are in the care of child protection services in the member states.
The organisations who brought these children here, are not doing anything.
Illegal adoptions was included in the anti-trafficking directive.
There is a need to further define illegal adoptions.
And there is a need to provide European funding for this issue.”