Father: Ramesh Kulkarni

Countries: India, Denmark
Agencies: Preet Mandir, AC International Child Support (AC Børnehjælp)

After the death of his wife, Ramesh Kulkarni placed his four children for temporary care and protection in Preet Mandir. When Kulkarni arrived to meet his children a few months after leaving them at Preet Mandir, he was able to meet only two. He was told the other two were in hospital, and was advised he should keep his visits to a minimum to avoid “disturbing” the children. Later, he said, his parents went to the orphanage to bring the children back but the agency demanded Rs 50,000 as the price for each child’s discharge.

Then it came out his four children were adopted by a Danish family.

The owners and social worker of Preet Mandir and the then Chairman of the Indian Central Authority were formally charged by the Indian Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) on 7 March 2011 of having entered into a criminal conspiracy with as motive to send children into adoption and to extort huge money from the adoptive parents.

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