Adoption Scandal hits now Colombia

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Corrupt orphanage and deprived poor families who lose their children to the State shakes Colombia

which is among the major give countries of adopted children also to Denmark.


“A mother visited the orphanage seven times, but eventually got to know that her boy was given up for adoption to
Manual Teodoro, TV journalist


After Politiken approached the AC International Child Support, it updated their website and says now that Los Pisingos to expectations had extended its closure, and the previous leader was asked to resign. AC has also moved the waiting parents to other Colombia waiting lists.

According to AC International Child Support the closure was due to ‘economic reasons’. They do not details that the sacked director [Pisingos) is accused of having stabbed large amounts of money in the pocket and to have transferred monthly rate of 31,000 Danish kroner to a mysterious account in London.
IBCF even characterize what occurred, as’ criminal, intentional, calculating and repeated ‘.


Powerful orphanage

On DanAdopt’s website features a some more candid explanation of why the number of adoptions from Colombia last year dropped sharply.
“At the same time (…) this year there has been a media debate on adoption in Colombia, after a number of controversial television programs
that generated accusations that adult adoptees who had been reunited with their biological families, would have been been tricked and children put
up for adoption without their biological family consent, “writes DanAdopt in a news update in December.
But while it appears that the criticism has nothing on him.
“They produced charges against ICBF which were fully or partially refuted in court, but the programs gave rise to violent debate ‘, it says.

The interpretation may Manuel Teodoro on no way recognize.
“The reaction of the programs were violent, and private orphanages went together in a common action taken against us, where all the programs were reviewed with a fine-tooth comb. They found one thing: I the third broadcast, we showed a birth certificate, where one could recognize a portion
the name of a boy who is now 16 years old and living in the Netherlands. It was a mistake, and it was described as was the Hiroshima bomb and used as evidence that all five broadcasts was a lie from beginning to end ‘ he says.

Congressman Angela Robledo says to the investigation of the adoption industry and the other private orphanage continues.
“But political will is lacking. The private orphanage belongs to a group of very powerful, rich and conservative families’.

Reaction held off

The Board is of the opinion that we at the time probably should have contacted directly to the intermediary organizations’.
These are the words of a mail response from Head of Social Appeals Board Family Law Section Trine Heath, who we have asked how the Danish
body that oversees the adoption, responsive to the problems have emerged in Colombia.
She says that the Appeals Board has been told that the orphanage Los Pisingos has been closed due of “economic conditions” and that the closure
has been extended.

Appeals Board is now awaiting further information, and at a later time ‘it may be appropriate to contact IBCF (State Colombian child welfare, Ed.) “writes Trine Heath. As for the broader criticism raised in the five TV shows and which, among other documents, children being forcibly removed from poor parents and put up for adoption abroad without parental authorization, the Appeals Board does not even have done anything.

In September 2012 received authority in all beneficiary a longer statement by ICBF on laws and procedures. Appeals Board was satisfied, although IBCF even
was the offending party.

Among other things because television broadcasts did not come with examples of specific cases where forced adoptees children ended up in Denmark.
Today the Appeals Board regrets, however, that it did not inquire further.
In the case of the two Danish adoption agencies, DanAdopt and AC International Child Support, both of which mediate children from Colombia and IBCF.
But overall, confidence in Colombia is intact, says the Appeals Board.

Appeals Board was aware of problems in Colombia last year, but was happy with a presentation by contentious child protection.