Irina Medvedev: Americans believe that torture of Russian children is “therapeutic”

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Ирина Медведева: Американцы считают, что мучают русских детей в "терапевтических целях"The Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation and the Commissioner for Children’s Rights Pavel Astakhov decided to conduct its own investigation into the case of the new abuse of orphans in Texas. About this story became known through sotsrabotnitse and hostess private orphanage Roosevelt House of Silsbee Diana Black, which was engaged in three adoptive children in Russia. She said the children were beaten electric cable, locked in a closet with the sewage, put his knees on rice, and the eldest of the children’s adoptive mother knocked out teeth.Meanwhile, the state government agreed to proceed with the case for only one child, 16-year-old Anastasia Klimova, who had written to the police, accusing her adoptive parents in sexual harassment. By banning the adoption of Russian children in the United States began at least as early as 2010. Then, shortly after the incident, Artyom Savelyev, who was the foster mother she sent from the U.S. to Russia, the press has an open letter to the Russian psychologist, children’s rights commissioner Pavel Astakhov. It is proposed that the adoption of Russian orphans by U.S. citizens as long as the scientific community, and the American media will not let their expertise some “therapy of affection” (Attachment Therapy), and the adoption agency will not eliminate the psychological school of followers. Russian experts on child psychology believe that it is popular in the States, “therapy of affection” (by the way, the methods of popular psychology so popular that they became the basis for the plot of an episode of the famous comic series South Park) has led to the fact that cases of bullying Russian children. director of the Institute of Demographic Security, writer Irina Medvedev – that is the “therapy of affection” and why she put children from Russia.  

Attachment Therapy – Therapy attachment disorders, emerged as a method of treating certain “syndrome,” “reactive attachment disorders” and quickly gained popularity. It’s amazing, but most of the tools that use these “psychologists”, taken from the training courses for dogs, and in fact, the authors do not even hide it. The essence of it is this: the children use different forms of violence, to the point that they could be rolled up in a carpet. If they resist, then they bore down all adult carcass and lays on them until they calm down. Proponents of these methods are confident that in this way teach the adopted child to her. This confidence is based on the rather strange interpretation of the principle viktivnosti, became interested in the professional community in the last decade. Speak Now in psychological circles about viktivnoy victim generally quite fashionable. This principle is well disclosed in the old classic film “The Night Porter”. I recall, the plot at the hotel a former concentration camp inmate accidentally meets his executioner, and many years after the war, she has a liking to him. This is a victim complex.

Hiding behind the idea, parents torturing children. It is believed that after a while, when the agony is over, there is a baby attached to their parents, on the one hand. On the other, it (the child) now behave as you like, because it is already broken. The idea is that he will be grateful for the fact that they stopped torturing. Still, when a child is “press-fitted” to the animal state, suddenly there is a tormentor, but in the role of a good parent who regrets and pats on the head. This is called a victim complex.

USA. Rehabilitation therapy attachment

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Please note that while these methods of education in the United States will not be prosecuted. At the same time, in this country, “Juvenile” normal disciplinary measures when parents spank a child or make comments to education, called the violence. Now called the same violence as a form of accustoming the child to the adoptive parents.

All serious psychologists do not recognize the new school, putting it another “New Age sect,” but in the U.S., this school is very, very popular. Very often children are exposed to methods of Soviet countries, Soviet families. This is not surprising, because in many respects they are quite different, they are brought up differently, they often have already been laid alien to the local culture behavioral patterns, so they have to break down, that they then do not cause discomfort. Human rights organizations in the U.S. who oppose practices “therapy of affection”, believe that at least in cases with brutally tortured Vanya Skorobogatov, Vitya Tulimovym, Dima Uritskogo methods were used just such a “treatment”, and their adoptive parents were zealous advocates of this ‘psychological school. “

Of course, not all of the American public to do so under. I think most of the American public to do this do not care. But of course, there are psychologists and just good people who know about this “fashion” and are trying to raise their voice against it. In fact, this is a real fascism. And now I make myself not metaphorically, but just give a reasonable estimate of the phenomenon. We often rush this term, and thus detracts somewhat horror of fascism as such. These methods is fascism in its purest form.

Director of the Institute of Demographic Security Irina Medvedev for to Nakanune.RU