Either she’s lying – or is important information lost


Neither the Appeals Board or Social Security will answer why information about the men not in the confidential report, which the Minister has presented.

23 APRIL 2013 PM. 22:02

Social Affairs Karen Hækkerup: We are going to go the field of international adoptions through with a magnifying glass …
By Line Gertsen and Ditte Bannor-Kristensen

– Minister of Social Affairs has a problem.

So clearly underlines the Liberal Eivind Vesselbo situation after the evening has come to light that important information about local officials information about the men in Ethiopia is presented to parliament.
Neither the Appeals Board or the Minister of Social Affairs will tonight answer why the important information about so-called of men, which was presented at a meeting of Asella in Ethiopia, not been included in the confidential report that the Minister of Social Affairs has produced.

According to the DR information was both Appeals Board and DanAdopt in February made aware of the serious problems between men, which is a violation of the Hague Convention Article 32
– We saw that there were listening to us. We explained the problems, but it was not taken seriously. Appeals Board just told us, that they should solve it all, but nothing happened, says Kedur Nurr as a civil servant of Asella in Ethiopia, where the orphanage, which is now closed, Enat Alem, lay.

He is backed by his boss, Walala Hussen, who also attended the meeting with the Board in February. She explains that she also saw that there was not listening.
– They just said, yes indeed, that they would fix it, but nothing happened. The problems are still here.
And it gets rapporteurs at Christiansborg to feel duped.
– This concrete to appeal Agency boss has been told that there have been problems with børnehøstere leading biological parents deceived, at a meeting in February and did not immediately go deeper into it and present it when she gets home it is we need to get investigated, says Enhedslistens social spokesman Pernille Skipper, BBC News.

– I’ll call her in concert to get this covered.
Also Liberal social spokesman Eivind Vesselbo is shocked.

– If she has not told us what she knew, then it is a breach of ministerial responsibility law. If the Appeals Board has not told her, it’s just as seriously, the Board belongs to her. She needs to come forward and explain themselves.
Social Affairs Karen Hækkerup did not wish to participate in an interview, and she does not have accepted the offer to come and see DR News evidence for the case. This evening, she made a written comment.
“We are going to go the field of international adoptions through a magnifying glass. If anything, the recent intense work area has shown me, it’s that nothing in this area is black and white, and we must be open in our approach to what should be changed in the area of ??adoption, “she writes.

In addition, she explains that the details of the men have come forward in a recent report. But make no social rapporteur from the support portion Unity happy.
– She must explain himself. Either Appeals Board problem, and it means that the system is rotten, or she has conducted ourselves this important information in his statement to us.