Adoptee Jennifer Haynes

Adoptee Jennifer Haynes was placed for temporary care and protection in an orphanage by her mother when she was 5 years old. Without her mother’s consent, in 1989, the Indian Courts orders were obtained by one Trust of a US adoption agency. She was abused by her adoptive father, and the adoption was ended.

She also got abused by the second adoptive family, after which she ended up in the US foster care system. After a conflict with the law she was convicted to jail. After finishing her jail term, the US deported her back to India as apparently her adoption though finalized; her US Citizenship was not processed by the American Adoption Agency (AIAA) through her Adoptive Parents. Jennifer has two children aged 5 & 6 (apparently US Citizens) who are living with her mother in law in the US. This being one of the worst punishment that a Human Being is made to suffer, that Jennifer, a Mother of 2 minor children cannot enter the country US, when her own minor children as US Citizens.

Jennifer’s papers are in possession of ACT. The research done by ACT, their Attorneys, it is evident that the Indian Authorities as well as the US Authorities have been unjust to Jennifer as well as her 2 minor kids, by mechanically deporting her from US and having accepted her in India as any ordinary illegal expatriate.

ACT is supporting Jennifer in Petitioning the Courts, against the Adoption Agencies in India and in the US as well as the Authorities. ACT with their expert Attorneys in India and US, in working out modalities seeking legal intervention and assistance finding ways to send Jennifer back to the US, reunite with her children and claim compensation and damages.

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