Netherlands likely to suspend adoptions from Uganda

Informal translation of transcrips of the Debate in the Dutch Parliament on intercountry adoptions, as held in The Hague on 19 April 2012. Speaker: Secretary of State for Justice Fred Teeven. Page 29

Recently a delegation of my ministry made a working visit to Uganda. The reason of this ministerial working visit was that I got some very worrying signals fro the Dutch Embassy in Kampala about the carefullness and the purity of the adoption procedures in Uganda. The preliminary results of the ministerial delgation confirm these worrying signals. This can lead to theh fact that I will decide on short term to suspend adoptions from Uganda. I will send a letter to the Parliament in which I will inform the members about the outcome of the working visit and the conclusions I draw from that. I still wait for some information from Uganda, but I do think that the Parliament should not be suprised in a couple of weeks by a letter from me, if today we speak about adoptions and difficult relations with countries. That letter will come and it is possible that I will suspend adoptions from Uganda.

So, the Parliament now knows this.

Transcript of meeting – in Dutch

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