Information on the capture of Judge Fernando Mario Peralta Casteneda

Source: Sobreviventes
Informal translation:

Today August 12 was captured in the morning hours Judge Mario Fernando Peralta  Castañeda, for being involved in 23 processes of  trafficking in persons, particularly cases of children
for the market of international adoptions.|

This character was operating with Susana Saracho,  currently standing trial for the crime of human trafficking.
This judge is also linked to  the case of irregular adoption of the child Anyeli Liseth Hernandez Rodriguez, who through an  amparo was ordered to be restituted to the
mother, Loyda Rodriguez.

Peralta Castaneda will be heard in court on the 8th  today August 12. We want to make evident our  opposition to the imposition of a proxy measure.

For Spanish text & pictures of the alleged child traffickers:  HERE