Notice: Orphanage Closures in Ethiopia

July 21, 2011
The Department of State has learned that several agencies are reporting to their clients the closure of Mussie Child Care Center in Hosana, Ethiopia due to a revocation of their license to operate by Ethiopian authorities. The Department is aware that rumors of several other orphanage closure are circulating through the adoption community.

The Department is seeking confirmation from Ethiopian authorities regarding the revocation of Mussie’s license and subsequent closure. We ask prospective adoptive parents and agencies that are hearing news of specific closures to inform the Department. The Embassy in Addis Ababa is working to gain confirmation of orphanage closure rumors from the appropriate authorities. Please send any specific information regarding orphanage closures to with the subject line “Ethiopia Orphanage Closures.”

Prospective and adoptive parents are encouraged to remain in contact with their adoption service provider to stay up-to-date on any information pertinent to their individual case. The Department will post any confirmation on as we receive it.