Teodor Baconschi: Government’s position is firm, Romania will not resume international adoptions

3 April 2011
Source: Romania for Export Only
Commenting on Wikileaks, the Romanian Foreign Affairs Minister reconfirmed Romania’s commitment to no not resume the export of children.

From Hotnews.ro 
Photo: Agerpres
The Romanian Government’s position not to allow the resumption of international adoptions remains firm, although there is ”lobbying” from several European countries and the U.S., said Foreign Minister Baconschi on Sunday to Pro TV, according to Mediafax.

 Asked about the note from Wikileaks  referring to international adoptions, the chief diplomat said that this issue has remained on the U.S. agenda, but the government in Bucharest has set a different policy line.

“We stopped international adoptions, and it was good that we did. There were discussions about cases already started, which normally should have been completed, but there were no problems, “ he said referring to international adoption cases initiated and not completed mentioned by the Wikileaks note.

Asked if there were explicit requests to resume international adoptions, the Foreign Minister admitted ”Yes, of course. And now we have lobbyists from several European countries and from our American friends in this direction, but the Government’s position is firm: we will not resume international adoptions”.

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