Trafficking of women and children is an organised crime: DGP

PTI | 07:03 PM,Mar 26,2011

Bhubaneswar, Mar 26 (PTI) Identifying trafficking of women and children for the purpose of commercial and sexual exploitation as an organised crime, DGP Manmohan Praharaj today opened up an Integrated Anti-Human Trafficking Unit (IAHTU) at the crime branch headquarters in Cuttack.”Trafficking in persons, particularly women and children for various purposes such as commercial sexual exploitation, forced labour, forced marriage, domestic servitude, adoption and begging is an organised crime,” Praharaj said. Trafficking as such violates basic human rights of a person.”I am determined that Orissa police will combat human trafficking of all types,” the DGP said adding that the IAHTU at Cuttack would have jurisdiction over whole of the state.Abhay, IG of Police explained the role of IAHTU. He informed that all five IAHTU have been opened by redistribution of manpower and sanction of posts is still awaited from the state government.Besides timely collection, dissemination and utilization of intelligence about human trafficking, the IAHTU would help in rescue of maximum number of trafficked persons, attend to post rescue care and attention of survivors, carry out professional investigation to bring all offenders to book, Abhay said.IAHTU would also ensure effective prosecution and strive for maximum and expeditious conviction of offenders and undertake all post-prosecution/conviction activities as per the law, he said.A Nodal NGO will be identified to support each IAHTU, he said.