Angelina Jolie has denied reports adoption of a child from Haiti

Los Angeles : CA : USA | Feb 12, 2011 BY Mohamed Abd el Fattah 10

A spokesman for Angelina Jolie on Friday said that the actress does not intend to adopt any children of Haiti – hit by the earthquake in January 2010 – in spite of frequent reports in British newspapers as well as on the verge of a new baby to six young.

Said Adam Waldman – an adviser to Jolie in its humanitarian efforts – for the site (The Daily Beast) The Daily Beast news website that the U.S. winning actress Oscar was in Haiti to work on a project to improve the situation of children and their safety.

Waldman told the news website that Julie had never met the girl child orphan of four years, the so-called “crown”, which alleged that British newspapers and other newspapers that represented the U.S. began to take measures to adopt.

Waldman said in a statement: “Earlier this week, The Daily Mirror reported the British and others said that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are working on adopting a child from Haiti.”

“These rumors do not include any of the truth.”

The statement said “Instead, Ms. Jolie’s focus on strengthening the situation of children in Haiti and to provide legal protection for them. In this context, a meet with officials from the Government of Haiti and legal experts from Haiti and the non-governmental organizations on a new initiative to the Jolie – home … to help the system justice in Haiti to improve the protection of the child. ”

Julie (35 years) and her boyfriend Brad a family of six children including three adopted children. The three are Maddox and Zahara and Pax from Cambodia, Vietnam and Ethiopia.

Jolie was chosen as UN ambassador of goodwill in 2001 and made several trips to Haiti also donated one million dollars for the victims of the earthquake relief efforts, 2010.