Sawistri, 25, searches for the truth about her adoption

Of AGNETA TRÄGÅRDH. 2011-01-18
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When 25-year Sawistri began searching for her biological parents in Thailand, she discovered quickly that there was something strange about her adoption.

– The man and woman who stood as my parents on födeseattesten had never even met each other, says Sawistri that police notified all involved in her adoption.

International prosecutor’s office in Linköping is now investigating Sawistris case to see if it is possible to prosecute for kidnapping.

– I do not really even think about the idea, but surely there is a suspicion that maybe I was stolen from my biological parents, says Sawistri.

Sawistris Swedish parents went to Bangkok in 1977 to bring home their new baby. When was Sawistri three months. A Swedish woman had gotten in touch with a Thai lawyer and his nephew. They were the two who arranged all the formalities in place.

– My parents had gone through the usual checks for adoptive parents in Sweden and thought that everything was in order, says Sawistri.
The Thai lawyer said Sawistri was born in a hospital, and her parents were unknown.

Both Swedish and Thai

Sawistri got a Swedish name and grew up in Norrköping with his Swedish parents and her Swedish sister. – I was Swedish. But somewhere there was also the Thai heritage. And who adopted you always feel different. Not that they are less loved, but it is of course to look in the mirror to understand that they are actually different. You try to adapt as much as possible to fit in, but it does not help. Sawistri believes himself to her teenage rebellion was particularly strong because of her background. – When I was 15, I switched back to my Thai name. The Swedish had never felt good. Sawistri has two children herself, two daughters. – When I had children, I started thinking more and more about how it was when I was born. Why I was adopted away and who my biological parents are. I think you reach a point in life where you either decide to ignore his background, or find out what really happened.

Took contact with TV

Sawistri wrote to TV3’s The Vanishing to track the biological parents. – There I learned that they could not help me, but they sent me on the documentary department. That way I got in touch with producer Per Lapins. Sawistri and Per Lapins began a painstaking detective work. It turned out that Sawistris adoption arranged by a private agency. – I talked to the woman who conveyed my adoption, and she said straight out to me that my papers certainly was forged. So did everyone. Many mothers were young college girls who would not give his real name. , last November went Sawistri and further an adopted woman to Thailand together with Per Lapins and a film crew. – There were twelve intensive days. Among other things, we turned completely upside down on a civil registration office, but the people were extremely friendly and helpful. We discovered that I was not registered anywhere. Sawistri also met the man and woman who stood by her parents on the birth certificate. But pretty soon it became clear that they were not was her mom and dad. For safety’d done a DNA test. – The woman said she had been robbed of their identity cards only a few weeks before I was born.

Stolen Children

For a few years in the 1970s, increased adoptions from Thailand exploded. In just four years, over 900 children to Sweden. But after Thai raids on orphanages, where police found the stolen children, ceased adoptions. – On a day care center in Thailand took out the very high rates and when the parents could not pay, they took the children and sold them. The parents were completely powerless, which is perhaps difficult for us here in Sweden to understand. But Thailand is a horribly corrupt country. Sawistri met the nephew to the attorney who arranged her adoption papers in Thailand. – First, I talked to him on the phone and then he said that my adoption is not followed properly. But when we got there with paper and cameras he dared not say anything. trip to Thailand resulted in the acclaimed documentary “Children at any price”.

“Like a slap in the face”

After the film has many adoptive children have heard of to Sawistri. – For me it got here all this information successively. But for anyone who saw the film came as a slap in the face. Both adoptees and adoptive parents are shocked. Sawistri have decided to start an organization for children adopted from Thailand. And she demands answers. She has filed a police report the NIA, the National Board for Intercountry Adoptions Authority, the Swedish woman who passed her adoption, a Thai lawyer and his nephew. – I believe that the NIA is ultimately responsible. It is a committee appointed by the Government to keep track of all adoptions. And where it was known that there were false papers, but ignored it. As I see it has been dedicated to dealing with people’s lives. A trade, where goods were a child. Sawistri believe that she had been deprived of their human rights. – And if it is so that I stolen,’s also my biological parents deprived of their rights. She does not think she will ever find her biological parents. – only chance is well in that case I go to Thailand and expose me in the media. But even if I find my parents, it changes nothing. It is 25 years too late. If I can have a relationship with those people, it would be fun. But I would never call them Mom and Dad. I already have a mother and a father. The reason I wanted to find them was that I wanted answers to all questions. It is important to know. And that’s also why I made a police complaint. This time, not all will get swept under the carpet in the same way as it was done 25 years ago.