Baby trade racket in the UK busted


An evil pair try to sell baby for Dh203,442f
Published Sunday, September 26, 2010

The fixer also promised a fake birth certificate for the child. (SUPPLIED)

A baby trade racket in the UK was busted by an undercover investigation carried out by the News of the World.

Pakistani Rana Javed, who masterminds the racket, was arrested in a hotel, while he was closing a deal to sell an 11-month girl for £35,000 (Dh203,442), reported the paper.

To push the sale through, the fixer promised a fake birth certificate for the child he called ‘Doll’ and showed her off to the couple [from the newspaper] as if he was selling a puppy. “Look, she’s looking (at you).

Normally a girl that age should start crying,” he simpered. “She is behaving herself very well. I just think you should take her today.”

And the mother, called Nosi, was so desperate to sell her little daughter she would ring the couple if the tot started gurgling so they could listen to her down the phone.

When contacted by the undercover investigators, Javed, 48, bragged: “I can arrange a boy or girl. I can arrange a Hindu, Indian or Sikh baby -whatever the buyer wants.”

Getting straight down to his shameful business, he immediately texted a photo of a pretty baby girl and her mother to the middle man and indicated that the youngster was on the market for a huge fee.

Within hours a “viewing” had been arranged at property dealer Javed’s own home in Ilford, Essex.

He said he was only trying to sell the youngster to get her a better life and raise money for her mother to start a new life in India. Then Javed got businesslike again, explaining how he could get the couple a fake birth certificate from Pakistan once they’d decided on their own name for the child. “The day you give me her name I will get it done within a week,” he said.

The cold-hearted pair then happily posed for a series of photographs with the baby and her prospective new parents. They handed the sleepy child over for cuddles and hugs.

The couple asked Nosi, 28, from Ahmedabad in Gujarat, India, if she was certain about giving up her only child. She calmly turned to Javed and said: “I can see from them, they will look after her.”

She claimed the money from selling her baby would enable her to fly home and start a new life by getting married and having more children.

But when our couple offered £10,000, Javed showed his true colours. “I’ve told Nosi she will receive £20,000 to £25,000,” he snapped. The couple left, telling Javed they would think about it.

On September 16, a meeting between the baby’s mother and Javed and the middle-man was filmed. The greedy couple now wanted a deposit before they handed the baby over.

The team repeated the terms of the deal, testing Javed by trying for the lower amount: “You will give your daughter to them and they will give you £25,000. That day before, we said £20,000.”

Edgy Javed jumped in: “No, £25,000. In Indian money, Rs2.5 million.”

Javed then made calls to the couple demanding that the buyers pay for his child in “cash, cash, cash”. He demanded a deposit for the baby, but Hasan refused, pointing out that Javed could just scarper with the cash.

Javed dropped his demand for a deposit, but boosted the cost of the baby to £40,000, saying how it would be split between him and Nosi. “You will give Nosi £25,000, okay? My thoughts are you give me between £10,000 and £15,000.”

Eventually a deal was reached for £35,000 for the child – and the handover was set for last Wednesday at Room 320 in the Viking Hotel in Ilford.

As Nosi entered the room she casually handed her sleeping daughter to her new mum while Javed made straight for the cash in £20s and £50s, counting the bundles with a wide grin on his face.Officers arrested Nosi and her crooked partner. Javed looked stunned and said: “Me? No. Why?” as he was handcuffed sitting on the bed; the £35,000 scattered untidily on the duvet around him.

Nosi appeared bewildered as her hands were cuffed in front of her. She asked the Urdu-speaking translator present if she was being arrested for failing to secure the baby in a car seat on the journey to the hotel.

A WPC carefully took the baby in her arms and carried her outside before handing her over to dedicated carers from Newham Social Services. Later the baby’s 31-year-old father was arrested in East London.