Alleged Child Traffickers on Board of Tamil TB Boat

by Tom McGregor Fri, Aug 13, 2010, 10:32 PM
World Vision Canada is demanding that the Canadian government crack down on any child traffickers who may be on board the Sri Lankan Tamil ship that is supposedly plagued by tuberculosis-infected passengers, which landed on Friday in British Columbia.

The Toronto Sun reports that, “the aid agency says Canada is known as a haven for child trafficking, both as a transit hub and a destination country. World Vision is concerned that a failure to clamp down on any child traffickers now would reinforce Canada’s unfortunate reputation.”

Canadian Public Minister Vic Toews said at a news conference in Esquimalt, B.C. that he realizes the actions of Canadian officials are being closely observed.

He said, “this particular situation is being observed by others who may have similar intentions and I think it is very important that Canada deals with this situation in a very clear and decisive way in order to send a message that human smuggling and human trafficking is not acceptable.”

According to the Toronto sun, “children on board the MV Sun Sea ship could be smuggled to the U.S., warns Cardine Riseboro, World Vision Canada’s vice president of public affairs. They may be forced into bonded labor (and) they may be sexually exploited if these children are not protected.”

Riseboro is calling for federal officials to make certain children stay with their families to help guarantee their safety.

The Canadian Parliament, in June, passed Conservative MP Joy Smith’s private member’s bill which imposes minimum prison sentences of five years for those convicted of child trafficking.

Riseboro contends that the government must act strongly now if any traffickers are discovered to make sure the new law is enforced.

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