Adoptive Parents Julia and Barry Rollings

Countries: India, Australia
Adoption Agency: Madras Social Service Guild Orphanage (MASOS)

In mid-1997 the Indian adoption agency MASOS told the Rollings that a three-year-old boy and his two-year-old sister were put up for adoption five months earlier, in October 1996, as their ‘terminally ill parents’ were unable to take care of them.  Eight years later the couple was stunned to read an internet article saying a member of the staff of Madras Social Service Guild Orphanage had been arrested on charges of kidnapping. “Early 2006 they heard that the director of the children’s orphanage of MASOS had been arrested in an unrelated case.

The Rollings have reconnected their adopted children with their mother.

ACT helped retrace the mother and assisted the Rollings in 2008  in filing a Writ Petition in the Indian Court.

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